Dragon Runes, do they work?

Ok lemme preface this by saying yes I did search before asking.

Now, I’m curious if dragon runes actually do anything. A friend of mine has a ronin that has some maxed out runes and maxed elite gear. I pulled my ronin out mothball and threw a rider with some decent gear on it for comparison and to my surprise my dps and health were barely lower than hers. So I’m curious why we should spend hard earned rune dust and chisels on dragons we will retire 3 months from now? For some made up number at the top of the screen? No thanks!

If dragon runes are like base runes then please let me know (ie hp and attack on the view screen don’t change)

Both dragons for comparison


Seems to work fine. Base damage for expert Ronin is 13.4m, so the +33% damage from runes adds about 4.2m.

The dragon already had +138% from rider and research, so bumping that to +171% with runes doesn’t change it all that much.

And how much time/effort does it take to move those runes along with the rune dust to level them all? Is it still worth it?

Assuming you only use the legendary rune and the mythic glyph from the dragons line, it’s what, a 7% net increase at most along with needing 2 months worth of chisels to move the other runes to it

Then what, a month later and the next tier of dragon is out

you can choose not to put any runes/glyphs on it.

it’ll be easier for the rest of your tier or above to defend against you. :man_shrugging:t2:

i faq’ing hated when chisel was introduced, and still believe that economy resources has to be fixed including the amount of rune dust s chests drop.


doesn’t exactly seem to have a point there.

if you are thinking of some productive ways to tell pg to implement, then just say em. :man_shrugging:t2:

Then what else are you going to use that rune dust for if not runes?

I think this is more an argument for not paying for a mythic rather than putting runes on it.

Yup, jealous much?

And you’d be wrong but feel free to believe what you’d like :kissing_heart:

Get rid of chisels completely, make it free to remove any runes if
A) dragon is at least six months old or
B) your breeding is 2 tiers above that dragon


umm, no. Why would I be? I enjoy getting use out of my dragons

It’s not wrong just because it doesnt agree with you :kissing_heart: :v:

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