Dragon shards for platinum eggs

So I need 4 platinum dragon eggs to upgrade my builder hut to level 23 but I have 0 gold legendary dragons yet. I’m planning to get 2 legendary gold dragons and 1 platinum rare dragon and get 4 extra platinum eggs. I have about 70k egg tokens and 190 mystic dragon fragments my egg by the time breeding event starts I would probably have 85k egg tokens I’m planning on getting whalegnawer and cath (I can’t remember the name) if you guys can give me a suggestion for which gold legendary and rare platinum dragon I Should go for and the amount of dragon shards I would need to hatch the platinum rare dragon and if you guys can also tell me an estimate on the number of tokens I would be using to get the platinum rare. If you guys can help then it would really help I don’t mind using the fragments.

Get yourself onto Reds Best Breeding Path and get up to speed with that ASAP.
You sound like you’ve over levelled your base and now behind in your breeding.

Dont jump ahead, your builder hut will easily support you till next fort.
Follow reds guide or odins guide.

I almost have my kill island fully maxed just need 1 red mage and ice turret flaks are already maxed. I also maxed howitzer. I tried looking some stuff up but nothing was really useful and I’m not sure what my max level for towers are with builder hut level 22. I need 4 plat eggs to Level up my hut and I want to finish gold tier so I was thinking of back breeding for the legendaries or getting a few of the shards for legendaries and then use fragments to save up my tokens for the plat eggs but since I don’t have much information on the amount of dragon shards a platinum rare has I’m not sure what to do.

As I said… search for Reds Best Breeding Guide.
Next event is breeding. Use it to catch up with the drags you need then follow this path pretty much without exception.
The builder hut eggs will take care of themselves by following this.
You are behind in your breeding at the moment. This means your level is higher than your dragons. I was about your situation (later actually…) when I found reds best and after a few catch up dragon breeds it gets you where you need to.
You will ALWAYS be needing higher level eggs for your hut but this path gets them most efficiently without wasting eggs, which you will need more and more the higher you get.

Be very careful using mystic frags until you are in higher tiers that are not discounted. Supplement with them if you have to in order to get event points, but its spending the ordinary frags that generate the spare eggs for builders hut and research.
If you bypass the the token grind you shoot yourself in the foot. I made this mistake earlier and it took me a few breedings to correct it.

This is what they have been trying to tell you.

You’re level 101 now and it’s really high time you get on Red’s Path to correct your basic gameplay to be able to properly advance.
Most will recommend you her Best path. :blush:


Thanks tiger I knew someone could link it like this :grin:


I don’t understand something people say it’s the best but I look at and compare at what the game recommends and reds path and it seems reds cost more on a couple dragons compared to what the game recommends. I’d like if you could explain what makes reds better so I can have more confidence when following the path.

Red’s master path has a variety of options for you to choose from.

Her most used one is the one labelled Best. The rest are alternative options should you wish to obtain certain dragons not on her Best path, and/or for builder hut eggs.

Her Best path is most recommended as it helps you to move forward nicely by breeding to maxing out your towers proper each time you hit new levels.

Also helps with maxing/levelling your divines up tiers without your base level messing up/preventing you from doing so.

The fact that you are at a dead end now with builder hut eggs and so far off with lineage dragons shows that you have levelled your base way too fast and too far from where you should be with your current dragons.

At 101, you builder should be at 30 with garnet eggs.
Towers should max at 31, or 30 at least.
You are now at gold with dragons (I think). That’s 3 tiers behind garnet.
Nevermind, made the mistake of only referring to builder hut requirements and forgetting about breeding levels.

Advice is to stop levelling your base for now to focus on your breeding. Get to garnet dragons first, then upgrade builder hut, and then continue with maxing kill island. Also, max out home island (where your castle, etc are).

Get on a fort planner for base, and cross-check breeding tier/levels at the same time.

Red’s paths tell you what dragons you can start breeding at certain base levels.

There will always be higher cost breeds every now and then on any path. The main point is to make sure you are able to progress in the game by finding balance between dragon tiers and base levels, not exactly how to breed cheaply.

However if you are a spender, there’s also Red’s Cheapest Path you can check out- that’s her ‘simplified’ path if you don’t care about flying lineages, but more to flying divines.

Mystic fragments are kinda difficult to come by. I don’t recommend using them this early at your level. But if you are really itching for it, you can apply some frags on certain platinum dragons. Red’s path tells you which as well.

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Um… I have no idea what you mean by this!
As tiger said above…
Reds best will get you breeding progression and base progression the fastest and most comprehensive way.
She was an extremely respected player and her guide is usually the one recommended. There may be cheaper ones but they will likely not be as thorough and comprehensive as hers.

Following her breeding guide is probably the single most valuable piece of information any player can be given for war dragons!
As an example, using her path I hit level 435 last fort to get my breeding castle and incubator to abyssal tier and this breed I will have my first abyssal. As tiger said you are 3 dragon tiers behind the max for your level meaning your dragons are weaker than they should be and your towers are weaker than they should be.

you are right to advise to use red path but wrong with what tier he should be by level.
at level 101 (OP) he can only incubate platinum until he reach 108 then he can do sapphire its true he is behind.
as for path to choose if you only care about being ahead on breeding you should choose the path called cheapest.

Red’s cheapest is the cheapest if it’s started early I believe. Depends on owned dragons, might be better to have Plat as recovery tiers, to reach Red’s best (or altered Red’s Best)

Hahaha think you’re right.
I went straight to builder hut requirements for base level and didn’t look back at breeding tier properly.

Talk about trying to help another. :rofl:

That’s correct, OP will not have a single garnet egg for builder at 101 anyway although base level 90-139 requires OP to max builder at 30 with garnets.

I believe Red considers this “best” not for being the absolute cheapest but for being almost cheapest while prioritizing some of the strongest dragons in each tier.

You may see price differences if you have different dragons that her path would have skipped or gotten later, or if you already have some fragments of an egg. If you can get a particular dragon cheaper right now, that’s fine, go for it. Just try to get on one of the paths.

In addition to helping you weave through the breeding maze, the detailed per-tier path tabs have columns for how many extra research/builder eggs you get if you do each breed with tokens, and whether to use mystic fragments.

Note that while you can use platinum eggs on your builder hut at a pretty low level, you can’t build towers that need that builder hut until level 130. So depending how quickly you’re growing, that hut may not be urgent. What’s your plan for next Fort?

ed: Another resource: https://wd.neon-wonderland.com/ – under dragons you can check parent/child combos. Also check the egg combos page if you ever need to breed cheap extra eggs for research or builder hut. (You shouldn’t need this for platinum, you should end up with lots of extra platinum eggs just from normal breeding.)

Thank you for the help I read through everything and last night I was thinking what reds did and it excluded dragons that the player thought weren’t very useful and I can agree with the dragons red decided to keep out of their breeding path since they don’t seem all too impressive and someone said, that at lvl 101, I should have garnet eggs? I think that is way too early for someone at my level considering you can’t max out a platinum at level 101. Before I had been getting every single dragon from each tier and getting them all to expert so I have a good amount of dragons up to expert (from green legendary down.) I think it’d probably be best if I did do reds but I still don’t know where I can find an estimate to how many eggs I need from each tier. To do research, builder hall, balloons and anything else.

It’s not that she’s excluding bad dragons, she’s excluding unnecessary dragons. Because egg tokens are a critical progression resource and because higher tier dragons start to cost a lot more egg tokens, you want to be selective with what you breed.

It’s impossible to have garnet eggs until level 132. That person was just looking at the builder hut’s requirements and forgetting the minimum levels for breeding. Platinum epic is the max tier you can have at level 101.

You should definitely use Red’s as a guide. It is not absolute gospel, but there’s a lot of knowledge there that can keep you out of pitfalls. That plus one of the building info sites or the Fortification Planner is the combination of resources that will keep you on track for breeding and building needs. I’m not aware of any combined resource or any that covers research at all.

It is normal not to have enough eggs for research for most tiers. You won’t get them just by following the path, and you don’t really need most of the research. The top priority is construction time reduction (there are a few of these), because timers are the other critical progression-limiting resource. I made a beeline for that and since then I just fill in prioritized items with what I have on hand and when I need extra points to hit a breeding event achievement. In the mid-low 400s I still have some undone nodes in the very lowest tiers, and honestly if I were doing it again I’d do even fewer.

Ok thanks for the help yeah the reason I wanted to know a rough estimate of eggs I’d need was so that I wouldn’t use too many tokens but in the last 3 days I was able to get about 30k tokens I now have 110k tokens so I just wanted to be sure I’d have enough for dragons. My plan for next for is probably to catch up on my perches since I need them up to gold tier and they’re all on green so I probably will get good amount of points and not level up as much.

oh. it’s unusual to level all the perches tbh. I would pick one of the first two to get to at least level 30 if possible, and it’s okay for the others to stay low – they aren’t a significant part of your defense for a long time, leveling up other defense towers is better if possible. This is because you can only make 5-10 strong towers until almost level 500, so only one perch max is going to be supported, and only one perch’s rider and gear and dragon benefits are really going to be important.

Perch level 30 is key because that’s where you unlock the full benefit of a rider and gear on that perch. (At perch level 1 you only get about 50% of your defense rider/gear benefit. That percentage increases linearly to 100% at perch level 30.)

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Yes that’s right, ignore my garnet remarks- I totally overlooked breeding levels when checking tower level requirements.

You’ll still need to slow down with your base levelling though, to have your lineage dragons caught up so you won’t have more issues with progression.

Henfon has good points there for you to follow, so take those into consideration too. :blush: