Dragon Sort & Filter Official Discussion Thread

Please ask questions and discuss the upcoming Dragon Sort & Filter feature here.

This looks again like adding something that may break game more without fixing all the main issues we allready have.


A feature we’ve needed for a long time, which I think was first promised over a year ago. Thank you.


If this works as intended this will be a nice addition. It’ll be good not having to keep jumping to the den


Why needed? You have 3/4 dragons on rooster you use as main attackers, do you really need help to find the 3 you put runes on?

Thank you thank you thank you! All its missing is a delete button for loser dragons.



Because I enjoy flying more than just the same 3 dragons over and over. When I hatch something new to exp I don’t have to tag it in and tag it out again. I actively fly all 10 dragons in my roster for different stuff. Some id never use on live bases but make gold runs quicker and easier. I’ve got the dragons that are actually fun to fly rather than just effective. And then I have my “try hard” dragons.

Sure this wasn’t needed. But it’s sure as anything not a negative as long as it works as intended and doesn’t break anything. It might not change stuff for others but it sure makes things better for some of us


The video is worthy of reward! Lol

This will very much help reloading the roster after token farming, or better yet even during to do a rss quest.

Agreed. Took a while but it looks nifty! Any feature that reduces search time is welcome.

I move riders every temple and assault, well once for assault anyway. Maybe Dungeons too if they will tune them up.

There will be a video that gets added in shortly. It was unavailable for the time the blog went out :cry:

@Arelyna could you consider adding a filter to look for not expert / expert dragons ? And sort them by the required food amount to upgrade them would also be nice…


There is no reason to fly Breeders, expect make them able to be parents.

You have to expert every dragon. Pokimech style #missyoumech


Some people actually enjoy playing the game…


Updated the blog to have the gifs now.


So glad this is coming! I would have loved it during temple raid to quickly add some dragons of specific elements to my roster :sweat_smile: This has been a long overdue update since sorting dragons in the den can be extremely frustrating the more dragons you collect (lots and lots of scrolling to get to the relevant tiers when wanting to add in new dragons to the roster…)

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That may be true for someone below Vanguard tier, but breedable dragons actually become viable against real bases once you start breeding Itzani and move on to Empyrean. Even the legendaries (in Empyrean) start to get good, as I’ve seen when they were first released, people were using them on real bases (most defended) and won. I personally am not at that point, but from what I’ve seen, it’s true.

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Lol wait till you get to Abysal and it goes 2 steps backwards. There is only good invader dragons, wait till you get there.

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Were you including Medusys? She looks like a pretty good hunter :eyes: … she even looked good to me BEFORE her spell change. You just had to avoid getting hit as much, which is what you have to do with most hunters already anyway because of their low health :man_shrugging:t4:

If they bring out super OP lineage dragons… what use do Seasonal Mythics have?
theres a reason Lineage dragons suck :roll_eyes:

cuz their main objective is to aid the seasonal dragons in getting stronger. they are just breeders :eyes:

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