Dragon speed much slower now

Dragons are starting at the beginning of their attacks much slower now than before. And it seems to be happening with any dragon at any point in the map regardless of where they start. It’s quite annoyingly slow.


I’ve noticed this too, it seems like there is a prolonged buffer at the start. It’s like the game is ready before the dragon is. On some dragons, they move backwards ever so slightly before they go forward.


I have seen the same thing. And yes at the start at island 8 it’s the worst.

I’ve been having insane problems with my game as well, possibly linked to ascended gear and assault? Seems odd new things in game and new glitches

Were playing the same game right? Its honestly not odd that new glitches and bugs wiggled out of the works and appeared once PG introduced new things. I mean this is WD after, the game of bugs and glitches. Sometimes they get fixed and sometimes more bugs and glitches show up when things are trying to be fixed.

See that strange object flying straight over your head? Oh wait you’ve never seen it before? I’ll help you out…. It’s called sarcasm

Sorry sometimes im slow to sarcasm. And sometimes is hard to tell if people are being serious or not when you cant hear theyre tone of voice.

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New things and new glitches certainly come hand in hand with this game as we’ve all seen over the years. Best to just remain friends with everyone and wait until it’s all fixed up. Hopefully it gets fixed up

I think this delay came with the second latest update. It’s kinda annoying, but as long as it is the same extra second for everyone, it doesn’t really change anything.

True. If it’s affecting everyone. Just a little annoying