Dragon Spells Southern Cross and Jul

Ok, I have used Jul to clean up many times. He’s taken out lvl 45-50 farms using southern cross. Maybe I’ve not learned his spell set good enough which is possible. An issue I’ve experienced for the first time tonight is that southern cross did ZERO damage to farms. They were high 40s. Has anyone else experienced this? Is this normal and I’ve just not noticed it before? Thanks for any input regarding Jul’s spells.

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I’ve experienced it via extract essence many times. No explanation for you though.

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People suspect it was from shooting too early/too far or off center; it was reported a while back for investigations and also reported on the old forums. I suppose it doesn’t hurt to ping @PGPulse :see_no_evil:

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My issue with it is not getting rage back after using it. Says in description I will, but many times nothing happens. Jul and AA

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It’s due to having cast it before the dragon is square with the corner. It’s not a range thing, and I suspect it is intentional.

If you wait until the dragon is completely square (no longer turning) before casting it, you should be fine. A number of spells fizzle out to or otherwise malfunction or have reduced effect if you cast it while turning. (I first noticed this with thunderstorm on sage, which didn’t used to happen, and then suddenly started)

I think it’s part of the spell block that prevents you from casting/damaging islands that you aren’t on. (the thing that prevents you from killing the end base as you pass the lava)

I actually picked up a bad habit of avoiding casting or attacking until I was square around the corner. You used to have a similar issue with terrands shield not exploding as well.


Thanks for the tip! The thing I’m experiencing isn’t when I turn, it’s the far back island next to base. I’m completely square. It doesn’t fizzle it acts like it’s working and looks like it’s working except it doesn’t lol. It’s frustrating to say the least. Thanks again for all insight.

Oh yeah if you cast some spells too far back they can do anything from refuse to cast to fizzling.

I’ve never had that issue. I always just tap
On the center of the middle building and I never have any issue.

Yes, it seems to be about timing and centering on groups of 5 towers. Since I read the above shared link and think it might have been Mech, I no longer have a problem with him on XP bases. Just wait a split second after rounding the corner and get the spell centered. Works every time. Don’t shoot too far ahead.

Not much of a dragon on real bases but he blows through salang very quickly if first person doesn’t use any rage.

Impresses the :baby_chick: s too.


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Southern Cross is a cool spell… Breeding Jul soon and can’t wait hehehe


The spell might be over-powered a bit, but that doesn’t matter because the only places you can get it don’t allow for abuse.

I had thought A&A would be viable vs bases like a super Tengu, but turns out with higher tower levels A&A and proper mages, he’s not able to bust through. (He would need a dodo guardian or something)

I quite enjoy the light/dark strategy with A&A, but mastering this skill is of zero value unless you find someone who removed tbeir mage towers.

I really loved/love having Southern Cross on Gargula at like level 35, archer towers are my best friends now.

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It happens quite often. You get some rage or health back depending on the light version of it. But it’s definitely glitched. If you’re able to cast, the spell should do what it’s supposed to do

QA was able to verify this issue, but it might not make it into v4.00 due to time constraints. We’ll do our best though!



Could we please get a hotfix for Chaos runes/glyphs that are not working since the balance changes.

Thank you

@Coach Could you elaborate, or point me in the direction of any existing discussions on this? Spell params may have changed, but the name of the spell is the same, so nothing should have affected rune functionality.

They worked before the balance change, now they do not, there’s no increase in damage.


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