Dragon Summit thread?

Earlier, I saw a thread that discussed someone’s experiences and thoughts on the Dragon Summit. I don’t see it anymore.

What happened?

Can we expect to see a synopsis of what happened and what was discussed at the summit or what?

I honestly was looking forward to hearing what transpired as that was one of the reasons I decided to stick around, in addition to the recent improvements that have been made to the game.


Hehe, someone was being naughty and not paying attention to the thing they signed.

That’s all fine and dandy…but can we expect something to come out soon about it?

My fingers are crossed and I’m holding my breath

Ha, I bet :rofl:

Yes, there will be a recap blog about the Summit.

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Once that info comes out, will players that attended be free of the NDAs they signed to discuss it in their own words?

NDAs will still cover a chunk of things that were discussed.

So all we get is what PG releases.

Ok, nevermind. @moderators please close this, else it WILL become a flame war.

And you all wondered why I wanted to pay my own way to attend…

Edit and yes @TheRedDelilah I understand an NDA and how they work. Unfortunately, I don’t understand inviting players to a Summit to talk about the game, releasing the info (or some of it) publically, then still limiting what the select few that were chosen to attend can say.

But whatever, should have known we wouldn’t get much, if any, info, especially not from the players that attended, due to those NDAs.


I’m sure you understand that a legally binding NDA must be observed by everyone who attended. It’s irresponsible for us to talk about things that are concept only. We will be able to say our opinions on the topics they talk about I’m sure, to an extent.

As for attending, they did invite only due to some fools last year who ruined it for everyone.