Dragon Tier Restricted Zones (Atlas)


I would like zones where you cannot enter if your building hut exceeds the designated egg tier and the only dragons you can use are of that tier.

This would allow for new players to have a scaled NML experience as well as get more use out of dragons that might elsewise just be trained for feeding event prep. And as for backers, it will let veteran players dust off some long since abandoned friends to help out a lower level ally, breathing both fresh air and nostalgia into the Atlas experience.

The new beast feature will keep regular NML hunting strong, but it’s frustrating to have to deal with higher level players with even higher level backing stomping your sub 100 base… and a game like this cannot grow and sustain itself if it’s going to be so toxic and unforgiving to new players (especially less savvy players) trying to get into the “actual game.”


I like the idea of the instance zone in the other thread as a better alternative. Please don’t think I am saying you idea is bad bc its definitely not

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@OrcaFrost I posted this once about 90 days ago during the last 30 days of last season but didn’t get many responses and can’t find it now so I reposted.


I like this idea
But unfortunately lvl 10 can still get backup from 100 lvl teammate


I think it’s a great idea. We all frown upon the 500s stepping into level 100 zones anyways why not give the lower level players a fighting change by restricting the tier of Dragon the level 500 can use.
For example a Garnet Tier level 233 could only use a Green Tier against a level 60 player. The big boys will still have the advantage having maxed out dragons in all lower tiers and most likely a few divines for some of them.

This would be awesome.


I think it would be a bit unfair on players that have been doing well on breeding and gotten ahead of the curve, only to find themselves locked out of competing against players of their own level. It would also reward players for not upgrading their builders hut as soon as they were able.

I like the intent, but don’t think this idea works for me.


Have a level 200-300 with all lv 41 towers and exceedingly high gear stay in plat region :eyes:


@Dari, that lv 100 backer can only use dragons of that same tier, so it wouldn’t be an issue, really.

@badgerwar all about balance, and keeping your base progression even with breeding.

@orcafrost i mean, that’s quite the investment in a very garbage base that would take, like, a year to build up in response to this, lol.


Read the suggestion about instancing. This would solve your recognized problems but with better benefits and without being so restrictive for those doing well for their level


Agreed (Liz sulks with her obsidian divines at lvl 228…) I don’t think I’d be able to do so well if I were thrown against bases that are “typical” for players who have bred at least one lineage obsidian dragon… I’m betting a lot of those bases are substancially higer level and my offensive gear is kinda “meh.” I mean I’ve got some legendary armor for a few of my dragons, but not an entire set. And the offensive gear I do have is barely upgraded… been more focused on doing the defensive armor :eyes:


@mechengg I did, which is why I’m revisiting my tier restricted zone idea.

I like this way better, and maybe at obsidian you have these problems, but you simply don’t at lower levels. I had to build outside of fort and drag my base up an extra 6 levels to keep up with how fast I was progressing with breeding and at no point would this proposed system punish me for being on top of my game unless I prematurely evolved my event dragons.

Instancing completely changes the nature of Atlas. The hunt and chase, high levels of risk and reward, being trapped or taunted. Being randomly matched with another player and presumably a random primarch level… doesn’t fit.

I can’t imagine PG efficiently designing a match making system that takes into account attack power, defense powers, rider buffs, primarch stats, and troops ante’d. Especially when you consider how ungodly terrible some bases are despite them having really good dragons. A tier/level restricted zone works much better as it lets players enjoy atlas within a relative “league” without being picked on by some random silver seiger a whole tier or 2 higher than they are.


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