Dragon Training Event Fail


What gives? I liked this event. Everything that was part of leveling dragons was part of it. Now you’ve taken away points scored for using XP potions??? You’ve made some nakedly greedy moves in changes to the structure of the game, but this is absolute BS. How can this be a dragon training event if xp potions don’t count? Oh, because we don’t automatically have to spend rubies to use those. Well here’s news, I SPENT GOOD MONEY GETTING THESE POTIONS, AND ID LIKE THEM TO CONTINUE TO COUNT. Make sense? You pocketed my money spent on gold chests, and disqualified what I got from those chests for a whole event’s scoring. Beyond ridiculous. Pretty please with sugar on top, change it back.


I don’t remember them ever giving points for the potions… might just be an oversight on my part.


Potions have NEVER been included in points for dragon training/feeding. Ever.


Not so. I did extremely well in this event using them, specifically bridging gaps in points by using them.


I have been playing for over 2 years and you are mistaken. Potions have never counted in this event. There are many forum posts requesting that they be included in point values but it has never been done. Perhaps you spent gems to transfer xp but it would not be from potions.

If you did receive points from potions then I would request PG to strip rewards from your account for getting an unfair advantage over everyone else who plays this game.

Potions never have been a part of points totals in this event.


I’ve been playing for a similar amount of time. Because you saw no bonus to a thing doesn’t mean it didn’t exist, nor does it call for rewards to be stripped from others. I remember specifically using them for points in a event (whether feeding or somenthing similar), and that is why I both mentioned it here and prepared for this event by saving both food packs and xp potions. The verbiage of the rules changed this time, too, as posted in the event.


As far as i know, the event hasn’t changed a bit in point mechanics.

XP potion doesn’t give points.

if you sent a ticket to support about this, they would most likely send you the same response that XP Potion doesn’t work in the event.

If it did, they wouldn’t send any information that it doesn’t give points and go straight for the “the team is already aware of this and are currently looking into it”.


Yea there was a point where potions did give u extra points but that was a very short lived idea in fact since game launch I only remember being able to get extra points for potions in 1 or 2 feeding events but that was well over a year ago



You are incorrect. XP Potions have never given event points. Save them for breeding events to level your dragons and get your facts straight before accusing others lol.

So yeah.



I spoke only out of what I remembered. If I am in error, I’m now aware. If there is no problem, I suppose we’re all good. Thank you all for your understanding of the game, and for sharing. I’ll just be crazy in my own corner again. Hahaha


Dude, the stripping rewards from you comment was sarcasm. I know it doesn’t translate well in typed communication.

The fact that a PG employee liked my post that said potions have never given points should have been information enough.


:laughing: didn’t even realise @pgCampusLifer was lurking!


Yup XP pots never gave points for this event. lol


Just passing through, but @FlashingRed, that last comment doesn’t make sense to me. How is a person supposed to know who did or didn’t ‘like’ your post? And where in anyones name in this thread does it say employee?
Just curious, dude.


Click on the like of the post and anybody who liked the post will be revealed.
PG staff mostly have PG in front of their names. Another way is that they all have names in red font.


Cool. Thanks for that.


I’m pretty sure that i’ve been getting points for potions.


The only time we got “extra points” were the breeding events
Exp was x6x7x8

Where did those events go? :thinking:


Me too, not lately but I think I got points for it once. I am not sure anymore so I can be mistaken. It didn’t give points for the last two feeding event, but maybe an early’ Level up’ event a long while ago where xp earned by Dragons counted towards points? And the more health potions you had the more points you could get… This is a vague memory of my newbie days in the game so most of them can be assumptions about the game when I didn’t pay as much attention to details in events.

Maybe we thought it gave us points because we leveled up our Dragons just after using xp potions, thus using a good amount of food, which counted as points?
It seems likely, because whenever I just used xp potions for points in feeding event it didn’t work as if I was transferring xp (I tried once or twice for little amount of xp, but it’s not worth the rubies in general).


Thats definitely possible. Lol. I could’ve OD’d on crazy pills too… I do remember talking about it in team chat too… and Red, from the way PG has been pushing this game to make it conveniently more and more expensive, one might very well have liked your comment, as it was stomping down my protest. Lol