Dragon training event



i used to love this event before because we didnt have that much players and activity
now because of that we cant get food from attacking the other players because there is many players now and they all starve many dragons to feed during this event
before there was no perch it was easy to get food cause when a player feed his dragons its like he cant use unless he do xp attacks but now even if he have no dragons ready to level up he use the food on the perch and we get nothing
many players were low level before so they can easily do this event but now you have many players high levels and dragons eat a lot
i suggest 3 things to improve this event
1- make the storage protect 30% of the total capacity so we can save the food to food we have big dragons to feed .
2- boost the food production during the event to 50% and last day make it 70% so the ones who were busy can get some points .
3- make xp potions give points too cause why we get them if we dont get points for using them ? we can farm our own xp and we get more than what we get in one attack


I agree. Xp potions should give points just like food packs, otherwise they are totally useless and should not be in gold chests. Gold chests are diluted enough but with xp potions, they essentially give even less progression that ever. I knew this to be true earlier but once i opened around a 100 gold this event I felt stupid for putting my rubies towards nothingness.


Yep I opened 90 gold chests due to the Grogg discount and hate myself for it. Xp potions are so useless when you can just run an xp base multiple times to easily get that xp…makes no sense but I’m an idiot for opening my chests.


I do believe that sigil drop rate in this event has been nerfed. Would any PG staff like to comment? It is so significant that many people have commented. I’ve never seen so many complaints in LC, TC and forum before re sigil drop rates.

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Honestly it seems more likely that they jacked up the drop rates of xp potions, food, etc. since that’s what overwhelmed my gold chest contents. I was lucky to have 3/10 drops to be something even usable when you throw in the amount of tower atk/def boosts I got. I don’t get excited for heal potions or dragon boosts in gold chests but good lord I would have loved to have those instead of xp potions, food, tower boosts (and 100% xp boosts last week). I know that the value of gold chests has been plummeting, but at least before you’d at least get a majority of usable things even if it wasn’t great.

What’s so good about the 100% xp boost when you can just heal and run again? Maybe I’m too low level to understand that one.


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