Dragon Translation Names

This topic was postet so many times, and I know that there were many support tickets on this issue.

I just have one question, is it possible that you send us the translation file?

It take to much time, search for all dragons names in different languages

you could always just set it as english when you’re breeding.

easier that way, from what i heard from foreign buds.

possible for me, but not for 49 other members :slight_smile: They will not found the settings again, to change language back. =)

thats why I wanna do breeding paths in different languages, to help teams

eh, just make a video on english version and share it with the other 49 through line, whatsapp, or whatever your team uses.

it’d be an easy-to-make vid, like 10 sec long.

just giving you an option that will insta-work, instead of one that forces you to wait 4 years for pg to answer you.


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