Dragon vs rider. Same amount of resources?

So… need to choose between Rosheen and… Gryff? Is it? This is just for the key basically… i have more use for the rider, than the dragon. But most of all, i need resources. There are less lines if i choose the rider… but the cost is different set up, and i would gess the resources are as well… is it more or less the same amount of gold chests, embers and eggs after finishing the two?

I am only sure of the one that’s more important to me, gold chests. Rider gives you 150 in contrast to 100 or maybe a bit less with dragons. And it has shards too. For me always a rider per season :ok_hand:


Rider is 150 gold, dragon is 104.

Generally rider has better resources, but the dragon has rune dust and potentially a good glyph.

Base boost beats both of course.


I have this my Google drive from Withermoon season but it’s not my creation. Cannot remember where I got it but the grey column is cumalative for that prize type.

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