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been awhile. suffered my 4th stroke in six weeks. My doctors say this will be a normal occurrence. My blood thinners limit damage to my brain. On top of that, my cervical nerve damage has now created a lack of sensation within my hands. my thumb on my right and my pinky on my left have no feeling. As i type this, it is a matter of faith those two appendages are doing what I tell them, really wired not to feel. This will increase to my hands throughout.

I am trying to get things done before I cannot do them. This just makes me even more strange, which is O.K. since I have always been strange.

As I finish the illustrated story of @Arelyna and @PGCrisis I will begin re writes of my book and then hopefully start another illustrated book, scifi though.

I want to thank all of you for your support.


Hang in there brother


Congratulations! :clap::clap::clap::clap:
Beautiful work!
Your work is an inspiration to all of us!

Greetings warrior!


Lets see if you can guess who this is in this scene, SHE is very well known in our community and on the web.


Red Delilah…



no, but close




The red hair threw me off.


Alleviates? :eyes:





“Ruf-Ra” born of Ra and is the only rider that can tame “Fino-Ra” the dragon of the underworlds.


Wow!!! This is my favorite! And I normally go for females, but this is awesome!


Hehehe. I see what you did there Ruffino :wink:


Oh no, I’d hate to see your ability to feel, type, paint and keep this thread alive fade away :sweat:
I love to get back to this thread regularly.
Wishing you the best!



New dragon, I haven’t named it yet. Love the skin tones I mixed


You do creative and amazing work. I really enjoy your adventures and artwork. You can’t tell you have trouble with your hands. My prayers are with you regarding your heath issues. :hugs: :hugs: :hugs: