Dragon Wall papers. New Images being added all the time


This one I named “Dragon of Eden”


Charger, my man’s loincloth looks kind of menacing? :eyes:

Maybe you can shrink it by several inches??? :eyes:


latest pic, he has no loin cloth :grin: thought you might like it


You’re going to get us in trouble :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


everything is strategically placed :sunglasses:


I made a time lapse video of the making of this dragon and finished image to be posted soon


The Making of a Dragon


That is really really cool! Thanks for sharing how you do them. Roughly how long does it take to do each wall paper?


That one took about fifty minutes.


I am back in hospital with my worse stroke yet. been be till I get home


Nothing but good thoughts and wishes for you. I hope you are home soon.


Praying for you! :heart::heart::heart:


How’s the hospital food? I like their soup. :hugs:


I am hoping I can go home today. Diagnosis is epilepsy,my siezures look like strokes.

Good news.


I’ll assume that’s great news since it can be somewhat controlled with meds?


Back at home finally, 4 days in hospital is too long