Dragon Wall papers. New Images being added all the time






I guess I haven’t been as active as normal, for that I apologize, we cannot get a handle on the cause or stop my seizures from occurring. They happen every day and many times multiple times. My poor Ten year old little girl thinks I am dying and is in need of constant reassurance. Here is a picture of a dragon family. I hope you enjoy it. You all have my best, thank you for all the emotional support you have given me.




Praying for you!


My first tattoo :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


looks awesome!


The red glow of the tower holds the secret of the dragon world.


Aquaman Battles



Great work on these paintings Charger! Also,Happy forum anniversary!


Hours, and hours of battling the dragon, open wounds and blood streaming from his flesh, blinded by the fight he raises his sword to draw upon his last hope, the power of the gods to defeat his foe.


This morning this came to me, very different, but a lot like the designs I did in the early 80s when I did air brushing. In this depiction we see realism and abstract representing, Air, Sea and earth with specific figures, Eagle, I chose for its far sightedness and majesty, the long life of a sea turtle and the power of a horse with the universe in the background. Last but not least the element of Fire, represented by our favorite animal, the Dragon. I hope you enjoy this.


Celestial Basilisk


Hey charger, Keep up the good work!


for you Toothy


That dragon is frisking awesome! Thanks Charger! What a beast!:sunglasses::ok_hand::v:


Meant to say frikkin not friskin😜