Dragon warranty

Hi PG, can we have a warranty on dragons against nerfs? Many players work hard to get a dragon and learn to fly them.

I usually get a mythic dragon towards the end of its season, so it’s very disappointing when my dragon got nerfed the following season. That’s not even one full season of solid dragon play.

Can you guarantee that a dragon won’t get nerfed for at least two seasons?


Of course not, if a dragon is unbalanced, it should be fixed asap, not after two seasons. These nerfs really should have happened 3 months ago too.


PG does not test dragons to an extent where dragons at release are not the final products half the time.

Unless PG suddenly decides to put all future dragons on a public beta testing for an entire season before releasing and accumulates enough data to finalize before those dragons’ actual release, there always will be a very high chance needing to change some things for balancing purposes.

I miss good old days when google or apple gave u money back for Pg mess ups…


They still do. Got one of the packs refunded for receiving only two packs while being charged thrice.

Im talking nerfs not generell

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“We’ve been trying to contact you about your dragon’s extended warranty”


I’m frankly tired of the whining when it comes to a dragon notbeing balanced at all why can’t PG just do it themselves instead of making us the ginea pigs partially?

Quite. That is a good question to ask.
A good second question to ask is why they regularly ignore good feedback from those that do test it.

And the “whining” is actually fair. Sure. Dragons need to be balanced and it’s right they are. But PG letting things be wildly broken for ages and then nerfing them after people have committed to a choice is a bad move. Along with refusals to swap.


There are 2 ways to keep the balance when we have something breaking it, either adjust that one thing, or prevent it from affecting important aspect.

In this case, either adjust the dragon or ban using the dragon in important battles (e.g. event and Atlas).

Do you prefer the latter?

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What about quality control so problem doesn’t occur.

In the event of recall, compensate the consumers. Is this too much to ask?

This I do agree with, anytime a dragon is nerfed there should be some kind of compensation issued. Bare minimum is Chisels and rubies should be given to cover the cost of rune removal and rider rests. Those should not come at the cost of the player.
PG will compensate and even reward players using exploits but they wont even compensate for changes they make that reduce usability. It’s quite unprofessional to put those costs on your customers.

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The airbags in my Chunk Speedster didn’t work when we body slammed into an Oreo.

I was literally pulling out electrum bars from my diereie for months!

Insurance wouldn’t even let me use the free once per year cracked windscreen replacement on my policy because they said I caused intentional damage to my steed.

I tried to explain to my insurance company that body slam along with GPS are Chunk standard features and that it shouldn’t void my claim but no joy.

Anyway. The warranty could definitely be improved.

They could perhaps crash test dragons into poison towers at speed and make sure all parts and components meet or exceed industry recognised standards, specifically PG19/C4.


can… can I have some of them? I have lots of bleach :eyes:


This is a great idea, but you need to give PG a monetization angle for them to take it seriously!
Here’s a PR blurb for PG:

Hi Dragon Lords!
We have been listening carefully to your feedback and concerns and take them seriously. We understand that many players have been disappointed with the post-season changes to the dragons you have worked so hard to earn! [Insert generic sentence about how communication is important here].
We believe it’s important for you to feel invested in your dragons and to be able to keep them in your roster for the long haul. Therefore, we have introduced a NEW prize at the end of the mythic prize lines called the NERF PROTECTION STONE. This is a new type of currency evolution stone that you can use on any seasonal mythic dragon you acquire that protects it from future nerfs enhancements.
We will be rolling out these changes in the coming weeks. These NERF PROTECTION STONES will cost 2 ascension tokens and can be unlocked after acquiring a full mythic line. We hope these adjustments help with the continued enjoyment of War Dragons and balance out the game in a way that’s fair and rewarding.
Happy flying!

If PG ever got into telemarketing and robocalling (which they prolly need to look into soon cause their gaming is eh……), that’s one call I’d DEFINITELY take!


Just ask for refund at Google or apple for not delivering promised goods or for falsely advertising.

Pg is very good at it lately.

Yeah I don’t think Nerf Protection stones are going to happen :joy:

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I do think PG shouldnt nerf dragons after next season is allmost over. Nerfing dragons 5 months after release shows how incompetent they are and not playing their own game. Just saying @SummerK


Its hard to know.

Lots of players doing exit interviews might of said their reason for quitting was that they couldn’t drop bases with expensive mythics.

Maybe last season was simply a trial to increase win rates to see if that was more well receiced by players.

Perhaps its just a case of the trial not working out.

The spell kits on all three dragons were pretty cool the unchained 2 step mechanic was pretty neat and well thought out. The balance of these kits was an issue.

It could also be a consequence of making kits more fun and rewarding. Perhaps over a season people use the kits in a way that wasnt expected.

I doubt for example that PG thought that people would not even use the CC on barb and just steamroll a base like a glass cannon.

Perhaps the data and the stats were showing mixed results on success and failure rates. Non hunter fliers are doing quite poorly with Barb for example. So maybe the win rates on Barb are looking poor and maybe Kry is looking too high.

Anyway I don’t think we can call it incompetence I think its more likely PG tried to make things feel more rewarding and just didn’t expect how creative players would be.

In some regards its good that they collected the data and took their time to test changes rather than doing “knee jerk” changes a month ago. But just my opinion in this case changes are slammed if they are done too early or too late a developer cannot win with a change unless it is a buff lol.