Dragon XP from raids

Hi PG.
Has anyone looked into adjusting the dragon xp for raiding bases? It seems that my options give higher xp for full bases even though way lower defence power. I’m level 90 and notice it more now than say lev 70.
Example I can attack say a level 90 with 750k def power for full xp but a short base say level 95 with only a few islands with built up and defense 1.5mill but only get maybe 3/4 max xp.
I believe it would be a good idea to re-work how the xp are calculated so we don’t all go hunting for longer bases :+1:

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I believe XP is calculated in some way from HP of destroyed combat towers; you can see that short bases are worth less XP, if you look at the XP figures in matchmaking. It also appears to me that blowing up farms and mills don’t contribute to XP …

Yeh I realise that but just suggesting it could be adjusted to calculate it on defense power as well.
Seems illogical to me that a stronger defence is worth less xp just because I don’t have to destroy as many weaker towers

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Correct me if I’m wrong but are you suggesting that shorter, stronger bases should give more xp? I think things should stay how they are and it’s not a good idea to rework how xp is calculated.

Strong short bases are not made to be farmed for xp, but defend resources. If you make short bases worth more xp people will have a harder time leveling baby (or any) Dragon against bases too strong and xp farms will either have to change drastically or disappear completely. For Dragons becoming experts or long lasting strong Divines your idea could be interesting but in my opinion it is very detrimental to gameplay in general…

You are correct that farms and mills do not contrubiute to xp earned. Mage towers also do not count towards earned xp.

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Just use xp bases until you get atlas. @mechengg keeps a pretty up to date list here:


I understand that about farms and use them often. They do get a bit boring though and you don’t get medals after the first hit on them ( I know medals are not super important but when you’re trying to catch up to a friend lol)
Mayne they can adjust the way xp are calculated to still have farms strong but increase to short bases depending on def power. Just seems unbalanced to me.

Also it’s way more fun flying against a proper base to get flying experience/skill than just walking through a farm all the time. I just think we should get more xp for it

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How about xp by level. I think xp should be adjusted all together.

So you are saying that someone with a level 200 base should always give out X amount of XP? What is to prevent them from putting a single level 1 tower on the base and letting everyone use it? Definitely not the way to go IMO

But that would be nice! :smile:

Yeh that would be nice lol!!! A 200 level base with 1 level 1 ballista gives max xp !!!:thinking:
I mean they could somehow use either defense strength or number of towers to calculate the xp so a stronger base gives better xp than now.
If it meant that farms were less relevant then I think that’s a good thing? We all use farms because an equivalent base defense strength gives way lower xp. If they were similar then so what if you lose rss more. You’ll get more too. Outside of forti or feeding you have excess all day long anyway. Maybe they should give better prizes for successfully defending yourself?

What I meant is xp for attackers by level. Currently, I get 14k xp max for My attacks. I think that is low. Especially when I’m leveling drags that are over 1 million per level.

Have you done XP research? Do you have Elite?

I do find that the late stages of gold and pretty much all of platinum take forever to level. It also depends on how early you started those tiers. If you started hatching baby plats as soon as you hit level 90 then the xp struggle is real. If you wait until level 110-120ish it gets a lot better, fast. My level 115 account gets 22.7k per run.

If you are talking about seasonal divine dragons, they take more xp than regular dragons so don’t base your decision off those. They take extra for a reason :blush:

Max XP for attacks is actually directly linked to level. This google sheet by forScience has an XP tab with a calculator that can show you your max xp, the only inputs are level and research (and boosts like runes/riders/xp boosts/elite account).

Whether or not the limits are too low is a different question, and one I’m not high enough level to have an opinion on.

Embrace the grind smh. Why does everything have to be easy and quickly obtainable, where’s the joy in that? You want medals? Do your 3 multipliers for dragons then go fly against real people bases and farm medals.

Xp caps out at level 184. Approx 140k (ish) per run. It is good enough to keep a decent pace on dragon levels without being able to simply bust through to expert. The last 5-10 levels are usually a bit of a grind so I say it’s fairly well balanced on the upper end.

I’m a level 102. I have an elite account and I do grind. That’s how I’ve gotten to 102 in 5-6 months. It’s good to know that it levels out going further up in levels. My frustrations are with the crappy breeding dragons. I can normally get them to breeding and put them away pretty fast now they are taking FOREVER :angry: It’s a waste of time. If the max XP levels were adjusted a bit it would be easier and more rewarding because I can focus on the dragons that are worth the attention.

Absolutely against just giving people like you more XP just because you want it.

Not everyone needs all expert dragons, getting them all expert SHOULD be a grind and should take lots of time and dedication. They get to reasonable power quite quickly, get breedable at a good pace, the last few levels are just a grind and honestly it shows people’s dedication to finish something hard like this instead of just calling it good enough.

If PG is reading, leave it all as-is please


We should share forum account because we just copy each others thoughts lol. You’re just more polite then me haha.

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