Dragon xp needs help

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So, what is the question?


I’m sorry. I have no clue how to do forums. I was trying to put a suggestion out there to help create more activity. I got confused and left without giving my suggestion. My suggestion is lower xp requirements during breeding event and include more xp potions and less food packs. I think this would cause more activity and maybe prevent losing more people. It is a grind to level dragons even with spending some money.

Sorry for the confusion

It can be a grind getting the xp you need to level your dragons especially when trying to do it within a single event.

I can’t see them lowering the xp requirement for the duration of the event but your other suggestion of increasing the number of xp potion drops by replacing some of the food pack drops isn’t a bad idea.

I’m not sure what level you are but I know the grind was at its worst (for me) through green and gold tiers. After that while I won’t try and tell you it disappears it does feel more manageable (again to me at least).


Xp boosts are always useful during breed.

GrowlinJin, welcome to the forum fun. Keep making suggestions and getting involved. Thanks for thinking of player activity!!!

Nothing to do with being lazy. I have other obligations other than live in a game

Yeah that is a brutal stretch

:smile: u can still get it done wait till ur empyerians :smile:

200% boost 3x/day. If you have elite it goes even faster. :+1:t3:

Depends on the tier and also how aggressive you are on breeding. I seem to remember having to do something like 150 runs for some dragons in the gold-Sapphire realm pre any of the scaling. I was also usually trying to get 4 to 6 dragons an event. I was always limited by my base level as I didn’t have atlas so was always short on timers. It was an incredible grind. Atlas+higher tiers got way easier. For reference I’m level limited again because I didn’t have enough timers to hit 360. I only got 1 dragon and some research eggs to hit the team goal this event as the min level for my next breeds is 360.

I got Lusian to breedable in less than 1 event, while being out of town. And only L400 before any XP scaling above L387.

So it’s really not as tough as you are making it out to be


Sry buddy let me say it correctly if he thinks his xp is bad wait till he gets to emps from the tier hes on! And i know u can get to breedable i can make it there in a day of event! Hes just not grinding it any dragon can be breedable in a few hours if u stick with it! Add wisdom runes plus rider and slam on ur mines ull be golden hes just not grinding and wanting xp to be handed on a silver platter

It actually takes far more runs to get green/gold/platinum legendaries leveled up than it does for the higher tiers. Quite a bit more. Like 1 level every 2-3 days sometimes including daily multipliers.

EDIT: OP is L113 so i’m assuming he just went through the gold legendary grind and is now into the platinum legendaries. It gets easier after this, by quite a bit


You don’t count as you’re far different from mere mortals like us :joy:

I think that i did 5 runs a day. 3 with multipliers and 2 without. I used 6 or 7 +100% xp boosts.
So it’s really not that much at all, and with the XP scaling going past L387 now, it’s even easier to level them up.

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:laughing: Yes, it gets easier with +100% XP (much easier with +200% XP) + elite.
Just testing now that defeating first 4 towers of Beannie gives approx 200k XP, which is enough for even Platinum tier.

Since each round is less than 1 minutes (Ember + assist), I wonder if it’s more useful than using Invader (not considering Gold)

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Probably. I remember using Andy to do Iteru and first 4 towers were enough for sapphire legendary to get max XP. And was way way faster than invader.

However if you are going to do that, i caution you to take a look at your team XP bonus for invader and perhaps consider doing invader for your multiplier runs only. If your team bonus is significant enough, it’s going to make a huge impact on the total runs required.

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