DragonCorps LFM

DragonCorps is one of the original atlas teams, currently in S2. We got 18 castles and 1350 + 650 tokens a day. We are looking for 2 new recruuts. offering years of experience and lots of opportunity for glory or just a relaxed fun chat. We pride ourselves on having a strong and helpful crew with a laid back family vibe. We are always looking for new smart and dedicated players to help us grow. we have a strong ta5 and a strong ally for lots of glory opertunities.

Hitting 8/8 and doing all team quests is a minimum req for,all,of us here so if you like a competitive team that can hit 1200 extra sigils every event let me know and send a message to xXxBigPhilxXx ingame

i know the text is barely legible, but what is it with people saying price instead of prize or achievement? like … I get it if speech to text or auto-correct picks the wrong word and people don’t want to proofread their chats and random forum posts… and I get that many if not most are not native English speakers, but in recruiting materials? Is it intentional?