Dragonheda looking for a few good flyers


We’re a platinum caliber team that recently dumped several players due to low activity or lack of participation. We’re spending some time in gold to rebuild a more stable team. Any level is accepted, but we are looking for players who are of a team mindset, that show up for every war, every event, share resources when asked, and back up their teammates for exp or rss runs. We use line app for external communication and we treat our players like family. So if this isn’t you, please don’t apply. If you look us up, but are under the level requirement, message me personally and tell me why you think you’d be an asset to our team. If I find your application satisfactory, I’ll send you an invite no matter what level you are.


Hi I would love to join your team this is my alt account and is only a few weeks old. Im a very active player and will be there for every event and war plus daily to help out team im on is Blackdragoons my name is DrOctavia. My other account is at level 92 and is only two months old so please considered adding me


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