Dragons and Spells Suggestions for 2019 Spring Season


I want the discount dragon to have a new spell:

Uninstallium - Every time you try to use it, it closes the game and uninstalls it.


Good one, it should be part of the mythic for the Uninstallment Season


Sorry, feeling a little disappointed in PG this evening.

And honestly, I doubt they’d listen regarding spells and dragons.

They’ll just recycle some old spells, change the name so you can’t use that one glyph you’ve been saving for just the right dragon, and then decide to nerf it after it’s released.


Time shift + rage regen, which costs 2 rage. Is it worth?



Power? Also, 3s seems too long.

Isn’t Ethereal chain better?

DoT area spell :thinking: Also, how to charge?

Need more details for slow :eyes:


So for Erawan’s arrow of spirits, the longer you hold off firing the spell, the more damage it will deal after being fired. Say the spell starts at 20% base damage, I let it charge for five seconds and its damage charges up to 50%. You get what I’m saying?


Charge is time between Pre-cast (hold spell in mouth) and cast (throw, spit, etc.).
Does it have initial damage as well? if yes, will charge time affects DoT?


Yes, the charge time affects DoT.

Also, any more feedback? I would really appreciate it


Generally, a spell that requires health management isn’t a very good idea on a hunter- they’re the lowest health class, it’s far easier to die in one more flak shot, it’s generally a bad idea to take damage af all, etc. Much easier to monitor only ammo and tower placement instead of also having to keep an eye on HP as well. Such spells would work better on warriors- i.e. it’s the one thing they actually have to manage (see Leos)


How about now? I changed it a bit to work better with hunters


Isn’t Revengance will’s cooldown too fast?


Revengeance Will is a passive ability/spell. It’s not a spell that you need to activate. It’s like Fury of the Wastes except that it’s modified to fit a hunter


See the difference? With regen alone, it’s way better than Tez, a warrior.
Furthermore, the speed required to reach 100% is too fast, considering that it’s passive.


Martyr - White spell - 2 rage - Dragon sacrifices himself, dive-bombing, exploding, and dealing massive damage to the target tower. Kicks ALL defenders and provides FOLLOW dragon with full rage and a 30% damage boost.


If that’s the case, why not MD flux? 2 rage to win the battle. /s


Changed it from every second to every 2 seconds


Coming soon mythic gear


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Anymore feedback? Would greatly appreciate it


Why do you keep getting flagged for this? I don’t get the joke. Is it supposed to be crying? Sheep?

Dumb it down for me, please


It was sheep…