Dragons event 😤

I come to share with you my dissatisfaction:

  • before I managed to have at least 3 out of four dragons thanks to my event activity.
  • I thought that playing diamond would make things easier and no! if you do not pay impossible to access a minimum of two complete dragons!
  • moreover the dragons events are … bad! I took equestor and it is 0
  • It would be nice to go back to basics on and stop going out I do not know how many dragons so they do not serve anything if … spend money.

In my opinion a see two dragons would be good … but there are too many … in addition they are not worth the investment that the player had in the event …
I am very disappointed and I do not think I am alone


To what tier? Including the discount dragon? Every season?

Better team rewards, harder events to earn personal prizes. However, it is still possible to complete two tiers for free.

I am assuming you mean the dragons are bad? Yeah, it happens. Avyx is pretty neat.

People who spend allow those who do not to play.

So there are too many options and you’re mad because you can’t get them all? I am just trying to understand.

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Hmm I agree a little bit but the event dragons are always the same, and in that I mean there is always mixed reviews, I have two dragons from the current season, Leo’s and Equestor, loving both so far, I have got these dragons by spending between £20-30 a month on the game, sometimes a little more when I’m feeling rich but realize I’m actually poor as hell after bills hahaha but yeah what @TheRedDelilah said, these big spenders make the game free to play, if we didn’t have them then there would be not game, I do agree that the seasonal dragons can be expensive to get, plus no one is forcing you to buy them or even have any of them, two is my max and I’ll hopefully get them to gold stone, good enough for me

I may add that the amount I mention isn’t just for the dragons, it’s for general game stuff like rubies ect

I am at the obsidian tier …
dragons are bad … and asks for investment …
I have complete Equestor and I have seen him expert … he is bad
all the dragons should be so strong … It should not be a fluke to take the good …

At high levels, the Hunter is the best choice 99% of the time.

Additionally, I got the egg token boost, Kayla, I’ll finish Avyx and likely the next rider for free.

Pick the Hunter. The game is not balanced at the high tier, has nothing to do with seasons.

I like sorcerer. Kinnarus has been a very good dragon and I was hopping esquestor was. I have ryo and he is good

I regret the old system of rewards at the time of sigurd, ormarr …

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Eq is the best divine offered this season in my opinion. Avxy is a beast but I’ve seen an expert Eq level a 400 base with defenders. It depends on your player type, I’m a die hard hunter fan but every once in awhile I will fall for a good sorcerer. I encourage you to focus on 1 divine at a time but first get the egg bonus… Many players ignor breeding and end up screwing themselves by being uneven with level and dragon power.


I’m stuck for now I’m waiting for the next tier. I feel that the more I advance more I am disappointed by the events dragons.
I think a dragon would be good with a rider and bonuses.
In counterpart fewer events 2 per month. This would make more wars and that players prepare their events.
The pg could have the time to offer us better and new events.

What level 400 base was it? Did the defenders fire any supershots?

Well it was a 375 base over at EQ, bulldog’s. And yes super shots were fired off.

Can you remind me EQ’s full name. I don’t remember, but I probably should

Equiiibrium, BD is no longer with that team though so you can’t view his base. He had a solid base though… very impressed that a sorcerer got through.

I’m very impressed with Equestor as well. I’ve seen high lvl game play and have defended against Obsidian Equestors. Not arguing that Avyx is worse or better…

Ehh, Maybe you would be happier in a lesser tier. In diamond you wont get as many personal points on PVPs without backup. The costs are the same so if you were getting 2 dragons before and putting in the same time and money with a different result you likely can attribute your team/league change.

You made a poor choice on equestor. There are definitely a lot of fans of equestor, but I see it as the same as kinnarus. Not good on a well built defended base but can be used in some cases.

What we really need is a way to try before you buy. There is a thread on an idea along this line.

There is a difference between Equestor and Kinnarus…it’s called a white spell :man_facepalming:.
And btw every dragon falls in a well defended base

Be that as it may. Equestor is not as impressive as some seem to think. So far I have yet to confirm a single diamond league player who has and thinks it’s a good dragon. My own experiences say it’s not well enough rounded to fight vs defended bases. (Which is necessary for wars)

Feel free to disagree. But borgian was basically a better equestor since it could do burst damage on top of thunderbolt.

I hear a lot of exaggerated claims but talk is cheap and I think it’s more like people are loyal to dragons they like even when it’s not deserved. For all I know half the loyalty is due to it being poorly horse themed. The ones I’ve defended were good vs much weaker bases but couldn’t even do what kinnarus did on big bases.

(Still waiting for a you tube video of one taking down a big defender base that isn’t poorly built)

I know a diamond player who thinks equestor is a good dragon… Odin (just saying) Notice I said “good,” not amazing.

Equestor is way better than Kinnarus. Kinnarus dies very easily on the storm ice flak combo defended. Thunderbolt can at least scratch it and lightning familiar deals additional dmg on top of thunderbolt. There are people who like Equestor because of the horse theme. I like Equestor bc familiar targets the blue mage first so that I can use invincibility (equipped) or northern lights (EE) also after killing a fire Turret, u gain Spell Flux. Entering the kill island, I use Flux, kill the storm, and repeatedly use thunderbolt.

I’m waiting too

And I agree that borgian is a better “hunter” version of Equestor.

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