Dragons for Android or IOS only

Which dragons are for Android only and which one for IOS?
And why?

there is an android specific dragon and I forgot its name, but for iOS? i don’t think there are any exclusive iOS dragons.

I think it’s name was dioskouri or soemthing it had two heads much like cerbero in design…I think


yeah, that must be the one.

Yes that is correct. Why did Android get it’s own dragon? Probably as an apology for the crappy platform issues constantly faced on Android. Played on both Galaxy S6 and Pixel 2, it still force closes at least 5 times a day.

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Maybe this for IOS :thinking:? Saw someone asking about that one in LC​:roll_eyes:

It doesn’t do anything tho :rofl:

The guy was so upset not having it😢

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I think that’s just Volos

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Maybe it’s a tribute of some sort of game of thrones…U have to agree it does look very drogon like

If you go to your game settings and change the graphics settings to high, this dragon will appear on your perch beside the breeding castle and your towers will also suddenly have people guarding them. Check out the ones by the incubator…they seem to be praying to it🤗

Thank you :blush: this is my base but still​:blush: I wish I could answer to the guy like you, ppl in LC thought it was because his was Android

Still makes me laugh, took me forever to figure it out. Mine did not have it for the longest time…even thought a couple team mates were just jerking my chain about the dragon and people! Lol …silly I know bit felt much better when I figured it out!


I am just curious cause what’s the deal of having a dragon exclusively for Android users ?

It’s a bad dragon to further punish beginner users that dared install WD on Android devices.


Well war dragons was initially on iOS and I think dioskouri was kind of like a « reward » for players who started with android


It’s purple, sorcerer, and you get it for no reason


Also if you have an android device that can run war dragons you can sign into your apple account on it and get diskouri. Granted its useless for the most part.

Android got its own dragon as a way to entice android users in when the game became available to them. WD was created for iOS, not for Android. It was a while before They released it to Android.

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