Dragons gone missing update screwed android

So update removed my dragons and placed them in incubator and then removed my extra harbinger eggs I had for builder hut… I lost the atlas button and I’m more than a little fruatrated…

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Dealing with same issue

Shows I had them, now missing a 31 coatl, 26 opes, 24 keth, 21 Rajon, and 14 loken

I’m very upset right now. Took my eggs so I cant even upgrade builder but and start event @PGJared @PGCrisis @PGEggToken

This is effecting a lot more than seasonal and it sucks

I am missing dragons as well. Is this going to go like it did with the speedup debacle? Wait 3 weeks and have nothing done?

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Hi all,

Thank you for bringing these reports to us. We’ll be continuing the conversation in this thread for those interested! Gonna close this down since it’s a duplicate. Please report any information you have on the linked thread. :slight_smile: