Dragons level down!


ejderha levellerinin düşürülebilir olmasını rica ediyorum.
level i kaç olursa olsun exp geri sıfırlayabilmeli
iyi gunler


Google says:
I request that the dragon plates be degradable.
level i should be able to reset the exp
have a nice day


He is pleasing for that the dragon level should be decreaseable.
He says that , what ever level it is , XP should be able to reset to zero.
And have a nice day ofc.

Just translated it , to be sure it is what it is :slight_smile:


Why would we ever want this feature? Unless you leveled ember up and are missing out on the level 1 heal times :sob:


It’d make it easier for players who have maxed out their dragons to have someone to feed during feeding events :laughing:

Not that I’m remotely at that point lol.


you can transfer the extra xp from your dragons to level up other dragons. No need to lower their level.


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