Dragons Summit 2018 Recap Official Discussion Thread


Hey All!

Please have your discussions regarding the Dragons Summit 2018 Recap here.


That looks so cool I’m sure you had so much fun there!!!


Who are the peeps in this pic? :slight_smile:


I think most would prefer their faces not be published with names.


@Sam, they are all the invitees. Names were not published with faces to respect player privacy. If they wish to name themselves, they can do so.


Maybe those who don’t mind can identify themselves in the pic :slightly_smiling_face:


I don’t mind.


Can’t tease a swag bag without the contents :stuck_out_tongue:


Had a hard time reading the red “ch” of your name over the green of the poster in the backround… I was all “Why did Mech off center the word “me” so badly?” :thinking: :joy::joy:


How do I get an invite next year?


You’ll have to wait until the next contest opportunity to win a trip to the next summit or be in the CF(Creator’s Faction) and get invited by PG.


Looks really fun ya’ll!! Hope some good stuff was discussed. :t_rex:


Oh…well I never win things so I guess nvm :cry:


There were also additional ways for you to be invited :slight_smile:

See Jared’s answer below for details


.etavirp ni em liame stuJ

I love typing backwards!


Making it seem like you had shady dealings to get in now :rofl:


I bribed Jared with promises of cookies.
He didn’t fall for it.
So i had to find other means.


Invitees were based on the following:

Creator’s Faction Members
Gameplay Faction Members
Certain top-performing teams
Contest Winners


Ah, okay


You guys hung up my Pathox drawing, I’m honoured. :see_no_evil: