Dragons Summit 2018 Recap Official Discussion Thread


Anyone else want a closer look at the art work of Coatl in the background


  • water effects


@xTHORx, it can be arranged.


Right i forgot to tag you, my bad



:joy: hahahahahahaa


It was a reply to Thor, but I’ll take that too :rofl:


So 50% popularity contest. Nice.

Wondering when the rest of us can expect some kind of participation trophy


Which of those options do you feel are a popularity contest?


That’s just something unpopular people say. :sunglasses:


I’m in the gray under armour hat


Cool we are getting more brave people that is willing to reveal their own. :joy:


They already outed me in the video :man_shrugging:t3::joy:


No secret identity allowed for you.


I was the one who took the photo :v:t2:


How can the God of the Seas’s identity not be revealed? the people need to know who you are in order to get the statue right. Otherwise it would have to look like this


Meanest thing I’ve seen written about Forsci. :cry:

I wasn’t there, but my scan of the summary didn’t reveal a panel where the people assembled conferred with the Illuminati to manipulate the ruby supply over the next year.

My read of the purpose of this was so that the people involved could have a chance to interact with each other, in a format better-suited to understanding each other as people than Debate #472 on posts 670-690 of a thread between Dude With A Malus Avatar and Some Chick (Also With A Malus Avatar). Think of it as PG wanting to host a con but not having the resources, hence opting to bring in people who are reasonably connected in the community and can somewhat represent it. It was a nice thing for PG to do, one that they really didn’t have to.


So mean, right? :rofl:

It’s a bit of a focus group thing, I suppose. Cons, I tend to think of more just presentations/showing stuff off - more one-way. What changes remains to be seen :slight_smile:


So…we don’t actually get to know the meat and potatoes of what was discussed - changes proposed, etc.

Glad y’all had a good time.


Most of the discussions are under NDA. Some (like the one I hosted) are having their notes compiled and information will be presented to players at a later date.


The NDA limits what the players who attended can say. It does not limit what PG can say.