Dragons Summit 2018 Recap Official Discussion Thread


I’m guessing that a new breeding tier is being added after Vanguard?


And I bet the towers will have a new level cap, probably evenly divisible by 5.


I’m sure there is but how I wish it weren’t so. :roll_eyes:


I’m aware of the NDA issue.

I just can’t believe I read that entire thing…only to realize there was NO actual information in it other than we toured the joint, had some meetings, had lunch, had some more meetings, went to a rooftop party…

Ditch the rooftop party, it read like my average day at work.


Was a nice reprieve for me. Significantly fewer daily meetings than normal for me. :wink:


I’m surprised you haven’t shown off your official pan hammer yet :grin:


Cast iron, I hope.


Cast iron is not the best material for a pan hammer. It can be brittle. Perhaps some kind of impact steel? I suspect that functionality for cooking is less of an issue for The Pan compared to its overall panability.




If this pan isnt made out of magical metal and flies into his hand like Thor’s Hammer Im going to be very disappointed


TSA has a problem with cast iron so unfortunately not lol


I’ve been to several summits over the years,and never paid any attention to NDAs. For that matter neither did anyone else someone always spilled the beans. But kudos to the ones keeping the secrets.


Why did we open a discussion thread only to state that the discussions are all prohibited by the NDA? You all are driving me to drink.


Having a summit where no one can discuss anything is really pointless.btw third party NDAs are not enforceable least in Texas.:grin:


I still think United Nations when I see summit :smiley:

For discussions, it seems like those’ll just take more time to get ready. Last year, the notes didn’t come out until December, so this is like a preview? 4.80 also bumped the priority of all of that much lower, I’m sure :stuck_out_tongue:


I honestly don’t know when the notes for mine will be ready. I have to put them together, turn them into a proposal, and then put them in front of the GPF. After some discussion there, I’ll put stuff in front of y’all. I’d love to say “before December” but it really depends on my individual workload since this isn’t really something I can assign to someone else.


I feel completely stupid as after almost 2 years playing… IDK what the players faction is!!! Heard creators faction a billion times tho! :blush:


Here’s the intro post about the GPF:


Your awesome… thanks!! :metal:t2::green_heart:


But it has such a nice tone when it makes contact with a brick head…