Dragons swap or trading marketplace

Hi, some food for thought.

What about a dragon swap / trading style space where players could either straight swap their unused dragons for other dragons in that tier or sell them, for some kind of bankable currency / credit. The currency could be saved and used for dragons that are being offloaded /sold by other players.

There could be some level capping etc so a new player couldn’t get hold of an emerald mythic, for example, but they could most definitely save for a dragon just above their current level.

Recycling is a big topic these days, let’s not just stop at plastics and metals!


what kind of horrible dragon chop shop is this??


I never said we’d dismember them!

This sounds like an excellent way for hackers to load a bunch of dragons onto a dummy account and then trade them off to their friends or other accounts before it gets flagged and banned.


you don’t need to get every single Dragon in the game there are some you can skip

Or if you do want every dragon in the game, I recommend Red’s Pokemech breeding path :blush:


Attaining every dragon in the game wasn’t really the point and apologies if I didn’t explain well enough. It was a raw idea only. In my case, I missed Ronin and thought it would be cool if I could get him via a trade, of some description.

:eyes: Motive revealed…

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