DragsIt Recruiting!

Come join our crew and you won’t be disappointed!

LFM – Plat 2 – DragsIt – LVL 300 + Please

Language: English primarily, but love to expand if needed
Time Zone: All
Played time: If strong and active… Don’t matter!
Age Range: 18+ Please
Elite Account- Doesn’t Hurt but not necessary
Dragon Roster Includes: Harbinger and up

We are a fun and active guild with many strong players.

We are looking to fill a few spots!
Please be active in atlas and events! We have 5 castles and would love to have you grow with us!
Please Do your daily events and contribute to team bonus so we can continue to get 8/8 and 9/10! DM me for more Deets if needed and see you out there dragon masters!!!