Drakul Pylon and Cosmic Orrey share the same Hit Box size?

Does anyone know if Drakul Pylon and Orrey have the same Hit Box size ?
I hope I explained myself, thanks.

Ps. In any case, where (and how) can I find this type of information? Is there a game file that lists the size of the Hit Boxes? Thx again.
@Morreion do u know something about it?

Do you mean range? Like target range?

No, the Hitbox size.

Hitbox = the “surface” area where you can actually hit and damage the tower.


Interesting. Learned something new today. Thanks, Mr.! :kissing_heart:

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Do u know where those info are? Or if Orrey and Drakul share the same Hitbox size? Thank

I’m not sure. Perhaps @Morreion knows?

Even though I’ve been a rough in the past, I want to know XD

Sounds like the kind of think I would know, but I don’t :grin:

I don’t think I can pull that from the files easily, and it’s also something that changes as a tower evolves over levels. I think this is one of those things where trial and error, and seeing what blocks what in what position, are more useful than any raw numbers (that I also don’t have)



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Thank anyway man :slight_smile:

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