Drakul Pylon Exotic Rune

When Drakul Pylon Exotics rune will be available ?

Negative weeks from now. They already came out as a limited time branch.


Probably I might not played WD when it came. Expecting in upcoming season

It was a branch that came out in March:

I wouldn’t hold your breath for it in this new season. PG doesn’t typically repeat exotic runes sadly.

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It would be so amazing if they actually did. I skipped over some as I couldn’t afford it.

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I agree - these days most people have 3 max islands and need secondary exotic runes anyway.

Maybe exotic rune braches should have two optional legs- 1 new rune for 10k sigils and a legacy rune 10k sigils.

Players could then get one or both runes depending on what they need.