Drakul Pylon Limited Time Rune

Anyone know the maxxed status of this rune? Is it same like other exotics 10/5% for primary and secondary ?

Also is pylon like a lightning towers where it would be better to go for attack than hp? Since the tower does heal itself as much damage as it deals

Edit: it is a rune not glyph

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@Morreion we need your data analysis expertise

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They’re always 10%/5% at max, there has yet to be one that was more or less.



So hp is the way to go? Wouldn’t attack be better since more attack means better healing to tower?

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I personally prefer HP on all Runes/Glyphs because it helps defenders keep towers alive. With its healing, it will be more useful on occasions when there are no defenders, since hammer spams will largely negate that.

With this particular tower, some of its other abilities include temporarily weakening dragon defenses and increases damage. With an HP investment, it could help your surrounding towers.

You don’t have to follow this but this is why I went with HP over Attack.


More HP means it lives longer and can be healed more to deal more damage.


Hello, I have a long central killer island. on the back island, I have a fire flack, a drakul, a cosmic, a red mage and a crystal. for this island I have a rune slot that I can free (currently a legendary fire flack attack rune). Do you think buying an excotic rune for my drakul is worth it?
And if yes, which one to choose an HP (as like the others towers) or given the peculiarity of this tower, which recovers HP by reducing that of the dragon, the attack rune would be better?

Sorry for my poor English :pray:

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