Drakul Pylon - Official Discussion Thread

Listen up, Dragon Lords - we got a creepy new tower coming to bases verrrry soon. I will say that it’s gotta lotta heart: Unleash the Creeping Madness of the Drakul Pylon

  • More like Drakul Pile-on! I’m getting one for my entire family! (Positive)
  • Did this thing steal my socks? (Neutral)
  • This thing sucks (the life from my enemies), but it’s not for me! (Negative)

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Its Damage/sec is same as fire flak :thinking: , sceptical about that ss tbh

@PGGalileo feel like you left out 1 very important piece of information!
Dragon takes increased damage by how much (in percent)? Thanks!


Any news on what the new drakul pylon line will contain, sigil cost and if it has keys?

You’ll have to wait until the line shows up in-game later today!




Do you mean tomorrow? I.e fort start time?

Is a new line getting released tommorow?!!
Thought it was in the new season?? Is it not?

yup they confirmed it

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Wonder what the difference is between the howi and pylon branch:)

but it was just monday now its tuesday and pgGallio just said wed :sweat_smile:

Well it is like christmas you get to open presents only in the morning , so it is not morning yet . They gave the official infos needed

no no no some open night before lol

Gal’s Tuesdays last very long, okay

We can only build 3 of those ? On the stream it was said 8 now it’s 3 ? @PGGalileo

3 for now is good, i can’t even max 1 this fort anyway :sweat_smile::+1:

where did you read that , it says : Currently, the Drakul Pylon can be built once per small island, similar to the restrictions on Elemental Flak Towers.

so that means 8 , if you refer to level requirements that is unclear to Gal’s post

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The Drakul Pylon can be upgraded using Electrum Bars, which can be obtained from the new Drakul Pylon Seasonal Branch. There will be enough Electrum Bars in the Drakul Pylon Seasonal Branch for players to get the Drakul Pylon to the max level.

I hope that Electrum Bars from Howie branch can be used as well. Current phrasing doesn’t exclude that possibility, but doesn’t confirm it either.


Electrum bars is the same currency that comes from both branches, so you can build it with what you already have stocked in if you have any , so yeah it doesn’t need confirmation