Dreadfrost champions

I was looking for some opinions on forum about champion riders this season, but there is too much spamm to find an appropriate info.:stuck_out_tongue: I have all 3 maxed from before. Do you guys think its worth it to collect full branch and lvlup all 3 of them to max? Or maybe just some of them? Thx in advance.

Suresh doesnt need any new levels, he has enough skill points at lvl 50 to get his new skills for 1 class. You’ll probably have to reset him though. So dont waste sigils getting his shards

Xandra’s changes are decent for warriors and invokers, doesnt mean much for hunters and sorcerers. Even without them she’s still a great rider for her rage

Hugo is meh, his rage is slightly higher than average and he has good HP but he’s nothing special. The only special thing about him is that he gives generic HP so he wouldnt need to be reset if moving him from an invoker to a sorcerer or the other way around. But he’s not a must have, Yeken gives basically the same stats and there arent really any sorcerers worth using anyway. Warriors havent been HP based for a while so he’s not very good for warriors or hunters.

Personally the only one I really could see spending sigils on would be 200 Xandra shards. The prizes in the line itself are really terrible and not at all worth 39k

If you’re looking for a good rider, go with the spell rider. He has amazing attack and we most likely wont see one as good as him again


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