Dreadfrost Festive Dragon Available Now!

Keeper of Frostfire

This dragon’s scales can convert the cold into arcane fire.

Legendary Fire Hunter


FATAL FLAME - Passive | Yellow | 0 Rage

Increase base breath damage by (100)% and reduce ammo regen rate by (50)%.

HEAT CONVERSION - Active | White | 1 Rage

Dragon gains a shield for (40)% of it’s HP. If shield breaks or spell ends restores (25)% of dragon’s ammo. Duration: 3s, Cooldown: 2s.

EMBER SHARDS - Active | Red | 2 Rage

Affected towers deal (50)% reduced damage and take (20)% increased damage. Shooting again at the affected towers will destroy them immediately. Duration: N/A, Cooldown: 8s.

BLAZE FORM - Active | Blue | 1 Rage

Dragon cloaks briefly and restores (50)% Hunter ammo. While cloaked, dragon flies at (25)% of normal speed. After cloak duration, damage (12)% Dragon HP to nearby buildings. Damage doesn’t break Ember Shards affect. Dragon deals (115%) bonus damage for (5)s after the cloak ends. Duration: 3s, Cooldown: N/A.

Runes and Glyphs

Design Intent and Strategy:

Re’Gyn is an aggressive Hunter dragon that harnesses the cold to empower its assault. Its passive, Fatal Flame, allows it to boost the strength of its breath attacks by slowing its ammo regeneration speed.

Fatal Flame is the main tool Re’Gyn uses in its offense. Heat Conversion allows Re’Gyn to take reduced damage for a time, and replenish ammo when it’s struck. Dragonlords can use a well timed heat conversion to refill Re’Gyn’s ammo at key moments in the attack and take defenders by surprise.

Furthermore, Re’Gyn can embed towers with Ember Shards which will reduce the damage that they deal and increase the damage they take. If a tower is struck with a second ember shard it will be instantly destroyed. A well placed Ember Shard on a high threat tower will allow for powerful damage mitigation, especially when combined with the Heat Conversions damage reduction.

For its final spell, Re’Gyn temporarily activates Blaze Form to become untargetable. If Blaze Form lasts for its full duration, it will deal damage to nearby enemy towers, as well as temporarily boosting the power of Re’Gyn’s Fatal Flame attacks. Take to the skies over the Stygian Glaze and turn the cold against your foes with Re’Gyn!


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