Dreadfrost Mythic Dragon

Hello all,

I’m curious what everyone thoughts are on the new Mythic this season. All 3 seem pretty good so far. I think the Hunter might be the best of the 3.

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Haha bit early to ask that. But my opinion is i’ll do warrior or hunter. Both look and seem the better options! Happy flying!

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Depends I think on what tier you’re in and how competitive you play.
Hunter seems like it could be great for endgame competitive play or non competitive sub-endgame play, but maybe not great for competitive sub-endgame play.

According to several people who got to test them, the warrior is the best.

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1 nerf order, coming up!

It looks like PG found a mechanic to make the warrior a tank. It can take a lot of damage as long as it’s hitting towers to heal. Also, be selective to not use breath damage when more heal time is needed (against non-SS mages). The key will be killing that red mage to be able to freeze the follow up SS.

Anyone have update on mythical strength and weakness?

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