DreadFrost new season


PG, please let us get all 3 mythics as legendary, try them and decide which one to ascend to mythic just like last season.

Also, it would be great to let us choose our own discount line for Dreadfrost not limited to get only discounted legendary invoker this season:

More info from Tami:

Tami’s post: all DreadFrost info to date



No thank you. I dont enjoy paying for a dragon Im going to lose because it had to become mythic. I also do not enjoy being forced to claim a crappy legendary line in order to claim a mythic. Otherwise you cant even use 20 keys
The ascending dragon system was terrible and except for Barbend, none of the legendaries were anything like the mythic version so it didnt let you try them at all.

Chosing our own discount lines would be nice but that would also mean they’d have to release more lines in week 1 for us to even have options


Dude can I use the sigils I have now in the next season? I got like 23k sigils.

And about the next season. I had absolutely no fun in this season so I am hoping for a better season. Garmir is something I would use all my sigils on. Cause he looks cool and it’s a mythical dragon so, it’s very powerful.

Nope. You should use them all before this season ends or they’ll be all useless

Don’t you want to try them before using all your keys on something that never change? It’s true legendary is not the mythic but you’ll get very close experience before the point of no return

No you wont. Like I said, the only one that was close to its mythic form to give you a decent testing experience was Barbend. The rest were all just horrible versions that didnt give you any kind of similar experience. Legendary Krygant didnt function at all like mythic Krygant did because of the lack of a cloak. Most of them were just horrible

Also in order to “test” them you’d have had to level them meaning you were now locked into your choice anyway unless you wanted to spend 39k sigils on another dragon.

The only benefits to the ascending system were that there were more legendary options for people not getting mythics (terrible options but still options) and you could get the 3 mythic eggs for cheap to do platinum quests. Everything else about that system was bad.


i would love to try any of mythic dragon even if it were cost like 5k sigils.

Yep, that’s the point to test them and find out our own selection

Seems when I started mythics was a new mechanic I don’t remember but I do remember having choices besides mythics now seems no choices in legendary dragon when can choose to get dragon or not am I wrong?

U know what it would be great once u get 20 keys it lets u test the mythic a few time bit like namaka but ofc without all the glitches ect


There was a reason they went back to the old season structure (mostly). Maybe someone will respond and clarify. Personally I don’t really care for the legendaries evolving to mythics.

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I did a poll. The people spoke!


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Are you sure they’ll become useless?

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Yes, every season uses sigils unique to that season. Darkmire sigils wont be used again. Spend them before the season ends

Darkmire keys and ascension tokens can be exchanged for various resources such as gold and platinum chests. Saved chests will carry over to the next season


Yes, the sigils become useless. There is “redemption” at the the start of each season, where you can trade extra, or leftover sigils for prizes, but it seems to me that you get more bang for your buck using them in the season they were issued in.

NO. If you don’t spend your sigils before the end of the season, they are lost.

(Redemption is for keys and ascension tokens)


You are right - my apologies.



Man idk these mythics feel…not super powerful. Probably really good at end game, but not well equipped for hitting up

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