DreadFrost new season

NO. If you don’t spend your sigils before the end of the season, they are lost.

(Redemption is for keys and ascension tokens)


You are right - my apologies.



Man idk these mythics feel…not super powerful. Probably really good at end game, but not well equipped for hitting up

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Personally I think this season is going to be a flop for me. I dont like invokers and i basically have the worst dragons. I havent played enough to get a mythic . I was close but not going to happen. I was hoping for a decent dragon this season. I dont spend money except for elite. I dont want an invoker and there was an invoker at the end of this season. They are difficult to fly. At least for me. Why couldnt we get a warrior or a hunter this season. Us free to play players with elite deserve a decent dragon. We put money into game every month. Why cant you at least give us a chance. Maybe give the players who buy both elites 3 to 5 keys at the beginning or end of the season as a special prize or gift . I dont have enough money to put into the game more than elite and apparently I dont have enough time either because ive been playing for almost 2 years and havent gotten a mythic.Close but NOT!!! I always hit and or exceed the 8/8 prize and still no mythic.Not Fair!!! I dont want to leave because i dont want to disappoint my teammates +I love the game but i am getting discouraged because literally all my dragons are crap.(bc no good help until i found the right team).
I know i sound like a baby complaining and all but its true… Give us elite players a few keys to help us once or twice a year!!!Also Iwas thinking that maybe we are of no value to you. Thats what i think .it may be only $25 a month but that can be alot for some of us…And we are completely overpowered by all the mythics.And I save most of my chests.
Just some thoughts and venting
But still a great idea!!!

You mean legendaries? …. I’m sorry but mythics are always going to be better than legendary discounts now.

From what it looks like, the legendary will be the 4th class that is not one of the mythics. Since it looks like every season will have a mythic hunter to cater to the whales, I wouldnt count on us getting another discount hunter. If that is indeed the trend they’re doing then Spring should be mythic sorcerer, invoker and hunter with discount warrior again.

This is the problem they’ve created when they eliminated the 2nd wave 1 legendary dragon. If you dont regularly claim mythic each season then there is very little options you have for dragons. You literally have 3, the discount dragon, the horrible resurrection dragon or the useless and very expensive festive (literally if those same people could afford all of the festive then they could afford a mythic). And unfortunately discount dragons are rather hit or miss. We’ve had some good ones before but Conni was not one of them. There are barely any Dragons coming out in War DRAGONS. In fact there are more riders released in a season than there are legendary dragons. That’s messed up.




There are? Two new legendary seasonal dragons each season (plus 4 legendary lineage dragons every other season) vs one new rider.

If you count resurrections, and don’t count mythic dragons or line dragons, you could creatively try to come to that conclusion, but it’s a little bit forced.

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We could just count the ones that are usable.

Discount the ones that fly like a stone or are glitched.

I would to be honest also forget about the ones nerfed late into the season or buffed after the season ends.

Releasing something that is rubbish is not much use

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Mythic Dark Warrior, Mogorot
Spells info :tv:

Mogorot has two red spells, one of which seems to have all effects working even within range of Red Mage towers. :mag::eyes:


Red only protects the towers from red spell effects eg freeze not the not how it affects the dragon Eg dodge?

I didnt say new dragons or riders and Im talking about just in the season lines. You have 3 legendaries: wave 1 discount, Resurrection and Festive vs 4 riders (5 if you count the atlas season): 3-4 champion riders and 1 spell rider

It’s not forced at all since we’re were talking about the dragon options being offered in a given season for people not getting a mythic. We used to have 6 new legendaries that came out each season. People had more options. Yes they were making dragons that didnt get picked and it makes sense to eliminate a couple but not nearly all of them. If you dont like the discount your seasonal options are a Resurrection dragon or an expensive festive. Neither of which are really that useful on current bases with newer meta towers

This was especially shocking this season for some people because we had just come off the previous 2 seasons offering 3 legendary choices for discounts, a permanently cheap dragon plus then the res and festive. While I do prefer this current system, they could have kept the 19.5k dragon line to give people a cheaper legendary option to claim.


It seems mythic warrior with no white shield spell for new season, that intentionally set to be dead in seconds upon defenders.

I really wonder what PG thinking?

Pass on season at least for me.


Isn’t his red spell effectively a white shield?

On a simple Long Island you’ll be rage drained and killed easily with mage ss and flaks ss in seconds. You can’t even touch mage towers with proper tower shields ss

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No. Because predators instinct still works when there is a red mage.

(no idea if the dragon is actually any good)

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you guys really think the cloak spell is the issue? I don’t think so. I could be wrong but my feeling is, the other red spell ROAR is the actual issue due to short duration and long CD.

Imagine this, when you turn into an kill long island you active breath atk boost and cloak for 3 sec. You might be able to take down at least 2 towers(which usually red mage and Orrey) in 3 sec. Then you will cast ROAR to freeze towers for 1 sec and re-activate breath atk boost (don’t forget it costs you 20% HP as damage) and in the meantime your cloak still in CD. The conclusion is you are in danger(no shield, no invisble, no invincible, towers not under frozen nor stuned) which you may die alreay in this “2 sec”.

Edit. let’s for example, compare to Lockjaw’s spell.

Edit2, Reyze’s spell is also better than his.


Closing this thread out. Please continue the conversation here.