DreadFrost Season Leaks

Here are the gathered leaks about next season from the Charity Stream :grin:

Season Name

Garmir - legendary discount

Garmir Portrait

Enten - mythic dragon

Enten Portrait:

Mogorot - mythic dragon

Mogorot Portrait:

Zephyr - mythic dragon

Zephyr Portrait:

Update: go to comment/reply 36 of this post to see dragon spells


Probably wind hunter


Agreed :100:

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The last portrait, the helmet reminds me of a daedric helmet from Skyrim in a way XD

Fire warrior maybe?

Earth sorcerer?

Enten is like a warrior Rath (assuming it’s a warrior).

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Wild guesses here.

Legendary Discount Hunter -though it looks much like an invoker…

Mythic Warrior

Mythic Sorcerer

Mythic Invoker

Guesses based on the season pattern as this coming season is supposed to be a hunterless one.

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Thought it was already a confirmed invoker not a hunter


It’s an invoker, it has 5 spells

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Like said, just wild guesses. If it has been confirmed, then that’d be it. :grin:

Wowwww that art is sick :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: . Too bad the only male portrait sucks . Looks like john snow ( Olma :point_down:) went to fight in the north


The girls are getting some pretty cool portraits very nice :heart_eyes::v:


Since @Peter247 mentioned The Last Airbender I can’t unseen Aang, Katara and Sokka as portraits lol


@Tami well…I never said Sokka….I said Aang, Katara and Uhtred :sweat_smile:

I can see resemblance and if they were riders, I would rename them :sweat_smile:


Lol that’s Korra not Katara :joy: SORRY

But I ment that I see them that way since you mentioned katara :grin:

Still tired and needing rest :sweat_smile:

They are so similar :joy: and yeah…I figured that’s what you meant…:blush::sweat_smile::joy:

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Fire warrior was Cuadart this season.
Don’t think that we will have again the Same element to warrior)

Haven’t had a mythic dark or wind warrior in a while. We also haven’t had a mythic ice sorcerer… ever. Wind hunter is most likely though bc we’ve had seasonal dark, earth, and ice hunters and solarius is fire.

My guess is the sorcerer is earth (even though we had connyvil and Hildr last season, both earth sorcs) and the warrior is dark bc the hunter is definitely wind.

At least that’s my logic anyways.

My thoughts, analysis, reasoning, and conclusion on the upcoming dragons:

Garmir - ice/fire invoker
(Pretty easy to see that’s it’s composition is invoker-like, and it’s colors give off “icy and fire” vibes, especially the glowing blue on the dragon and in background.)
Enten - dark warrior
(It’s physique of being beefy screams warrior to me, and it’s color and armor say “dark type”.)
Mogorot - earth sorcerer
(Slender looks make me think sorcerer, and the overall coloring of the dragon, background, and portrait looks earthy.)
Zephear - wind hunter
(2 hind legs and just wings no arms is the typical hunter style, and the background and portrait look windy. Plus we already had a mythic ice hunter, so no reason to have another one.)

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Except that the current ice hunter still hasnt been fixed

It does look like an ice dragon but it’ll probably be wind, maybe earth
The warrior I’d be ok with dark even though I got Sothe this season. I’d just like one with a spell set that actually makes sense on a warrior. No more of this hunter lockdown crap and super long cooldowns on breath spells.

Really I just want fun and functional dragons that actually work. If we have another season like this last one where dragons remain glitched all season long then I think it may be my last season playing. This game has become such a mess and they’re not even telling us what’s going on anymore.


PG: Challenge Accepted :smiling_imp:

Yea I noticed Perwog’s ice flak dmg bug couple days ago… thankfully I kept my cool and used my swamp blast only when I had bog chill active (although it slowed down my run :frowning:)