DreadFrost Season Leaks

I’m not so sure how hard testing is but dragons should never be extremely weak upon release same goes for sorcerers and warriors because bias is clearly showing most of the time throughout the game.

Test spells, Test the dragon, Heck the servers seems like a good idea too because attacks occasionally lag or heck dragons pause mid-flight I know it’s a Wifi issue but dragons shouldn’t freeze in place and not event pause with internet lag.

I’m sorry but if there is something better than Nocmar, Krygant, Kinnarix, Lockjaw I would lose my mind they where all unstoppable.

I got Telment last season insted of drugoth or whatever he is called because he didn’t seem good enough for atlas in my eyes and Telment destroyed everything.

None of them were unstoppable. Kry could be stopped with a front loaded base or a maxed base or a well-timed ice flak ss. Kinn could be stopped with double blues and if Volts had existed she’d have been dead. Lockjaw was by no means unstoppable and easily died if the attacker messed up and got drained or hit by an ice flak. Nock never should have gotten the freeze buff that he did in the first place, he was fine before the buff except that his healing was low and he could have used a little bit of a damage buff.

Telment could be stopped easily by a double blue + red island or multiple islands of double blues or even just a high level mage island. He was also slow af so it hardly mattered anyway. He also had inconsistencies on where his larger AOE spell could reach based on the island.
Telment was ok but really only for runs where speed didnt matter. Kinn was really the only truly good mythic sorcerer we’ve had, not counting Surt who didnt care what class he was and was an absolute abomination

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I must have compeletely inadequate gear/rider, then. Telment dies on undefended 150s for me. Krygant is still my main go-to. This at Radiant tier.

That’s ironically me when attacking at my level normally I can hit at my level but Radiant … “Freddy is not ready”

I am sorry to disappoint you , but there are so many good non hunters dragons out there . The current season for example has an incredibly OP invoker , a very good high skilled warrior and a very balanced not OP hunter . If by a definition of good people want warriors to be skill-less and you have to be steamrolling everything to be "viable " then dear alt , put some more effort and learn these dragons cause you’re so wrong .


I am sorry but you’ll have to stick with me . If facing facts , actual facts is not pleasant to you then I guess you know you , but I am not gonna let you poison the forums with such negativity when your comments about seasonal dragons are based on your experience and flying skills for sure , which we are not allowed to see cause you are well a " tough alt" .

Sothe is not struggling triple defended , just target the ice flaks :v:


Unfortunately you seem to miss that point that many people playing this game want it to be a game, not a job.

A dragon that is great for 0.01% of flyers is not a good dragon for the game. It drives people away.

Unfortunately, the issue for me is that GPF seems to be loaded with very good flyers who are willing to put in a lot of time and effort to learn the intricacies and nuance of these dragons. This is not representative of the wider player base and so your view that these dragons are viable for the majority is flawed


Gpf has players from those with low skills to those that are top fliers , we weigh everything for everybody . Dont expect me to disclose any names or info more than this , some gpf’s never come out and I respect that , some are vocal and get crucified :face_with_spiral_eyes:


The recent releases have been poor for the non hardcore players.

This is either correct or incorrect as a statement.

Bums on seats, playing time, atlas elite revenue etc will clearly show how the game is being received.

I am only in a few chat groups there is substantially less interest now than a few seasons ago and growing discontent with the offerings.

Giving me a formula one car is pointless as I can’t drive it so it will sit in the garage or I will crash it. These niche dragons are pointless.

They might be really clever but are in danger of being the smartest dragons in an empty room.


New alt currently sitting in Gold 2 and it’s crazy how many 600+ players there are. How does PG expect to retain newcomers when they participate in their first PvP event and find out half of the teams are level 600+? Especially for Crystal Caves.

A great Kry flyer is unstoppable *

Lead island using the white dodge than Use the DG spell and chain lightning spell to get out both BM than use DG spell to get out ice. Also volts where not out than so u can’t really put that in as a excuse.

Seems the same as every other OP dragon in the game, take Xul for example if he got mage drained and can’t use unlimited ammo he would be in a sticky situation same as being hit with ice flack.

Never seemed to bother me, I also have a vid with double BM ill be happy to share.



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I have been a bit of a cheer leader, in the past, for this game. I used to spend when I started, now I just get elite. I am end game and I am ‘very active but I do not live in the game. I have a full time job and can’t play when I am there. I am becoming more disillusioned and contemplating a break.

I would consider myself an average flier, I used to consider myself slightly above average but not now. I prefer hunters but will fly and have flown most classes….I am not fond of invokers.

I am endgame and the reason I have said all this is I am finding more and more there are not many dragons left that are fun for me. Fun means I can figure it out with time and consistency. It is not over complicated. Double and especially triple defended, I usually lose. It would be nice to have 3 dragons in my roster that I feel like I can get thru a max base with, but I don’t. At end game so many dragons seem to become obsolete so quickly, except for the elite flier.

I am not sure what the answer is. None of us just like people blowing thru our bases when we spend time building and thinking about them, but I can say the fun in this game is being able to feel successful flying dragons. The dragon I happen to like and enjoy right now is glitchy enough that defended it is also not any fun.

Hopefully these new season dragons turn out to be decent. The new tier is a long ways away still, and I am not sure the current tier warrior, that I had some hope for, is worth making mythic. Sol and I have a tumultuous relationship.

So :crossed_fingers: the new season dragons are not what I think and they fix the glitchy hunter from this season.


I didn’t miss your point. Avernic is an extremely unique spell kit. Slow defended and undefended but can probably beat anything. It might beat maxed 152s at eldritch. What’s better, Barbend or Avernic? Barbend.

If you’re so fixated on low level players needing to hit up, why not look at the new hunter being able to annihilate any lower level sniper’s chances at glory? They’ll just get countered. No different to the situation with krelos.


Isnt that the point? If you fly it really well then it should succeed. Great Barbend, Quilith. Or Jaalcan flyers can also be unstoppable. But you could actually stop even a great Kry flyer with a strong 7 and 8 layout

Is there also a red to block the lockdown?

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Are you implying that it never happens?

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A lot of those 600s are the result of discounts for towers - I’ve seen 600s with level 87 towers. But your point is still valid - 87s are out of reach for newbies. I still think partial teams should be filled with PVE bases, up to 49 players (so new players can autojoin).

Closing this thread out. Please continue the conversation here.