Dreadfrost Season - Official Discussion Thread

Check out all of the new details for the upcoming season here: Desolate Days of Dreadfrost - Winter 2022 Season Details

What do you think about the upcoming Dreadfrost Season?

  • There’s no dread in any frost! (Positive)
  • Not sure if I’m dreading the frost… (Neutral)
  • Definitely dreading the frost (Negative)

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Dragon art design: fantastic
Portraits: I have my tried and true favorites but these are still cool
Dragon spell design: I mean we’ll see if they’re any good for endgame players, but I can tell you right now not a single one of them is gonna do didly squat players for like me who are trying to be relevant in Atlas at level 500…
Season lay out: whelp looks like another 2 legendary season…yayy. I miss the good ol days of 4 (count ‘em!) 4 brand spankin new legendaries each season. Did I use all of them? No, most of the time none of them were particularly good but they were fun to play around with, every now and then there would be a good one like Morak, or one that was useful for Assault event, but it also just added life to the game…something about there being all those options at the fingertips of a sub-whale player. When the only choices are between mythics that you can only get one of each season for most players….idk kinda kills the liveliness. Oh yeah and they were the entire game for people who don’t get to mythics. That’s kinda important, especially with an ever shrinking player base


Whyyyyyyyyyyyyy start with fight pittttsssssssssssss omg


I just want someone to buff the warrior’s freeze spell. Either white and two rage or rageless or more damage or longer freeze or literally anything. Please and thank you :pray:


Artwork this season is absolutely fantastic. I love that Garmin, Enten, and Zephyr all have this sort of Northern Ice Lands feels to them. Their visual features all fit together and it’s awesome that the dragons feel line they’re part of a common theme rather than a grab bag of dragons.
It would be AWESOME to have some lore or back story for these dudes. Are they all from the Stygian Glaze or is this a new icylands? We were getting some lore again pre-RIF but I fear we won’t be getting any more back stories going forward…


Glad to see the candy cane branch is back. It’s really disappointing we didnt have the pumpkin branch again this year so hopefully the candy cane has something interesting.
Love the mythic portraits, they look great and Im glad that mythics finally have portraits

I know we need to see them flown but none of them look very interesting at first looks. The warrior just looks a mess. He’s supposed to be a mythic, but his spell set is barely that of a legendary.

Roar of Sorrow is a terrible spell. It’s red so mages block it, it only last 1s yet has a 5s cooldown. It seems like the cd was only made longer so the runes had something to decrease. The duration should be longer and it has no business being red if he doesnt have a DG spell

Dark Burden has no business costing HP. This only exists to justify the passive heal. This also makes it so that if you drop below 20% you have no breath boost even if you have rage. It’s just a badly designed spell that nearly every previous mythic warrior has had a better version of. I could maybe see the high costs if it did more like had a 500% breath boost or stacked damage. But this is just a weak version of a spell we’ve seen a dozen times already.

He has no way to quickly take out problematic towers like shields or reds. The entire length of his cloak will be spent trying to kill the red before it ends and he wont accomplish anything in the 1s of freeze time because the shield will go off.

PG’s dragon design team, please stop trying to make sorcerers revolve around their breath attack for most of their damage. It doesnt work, it has never worked and will never work. A sorcerer’s breath is way too slow and weak to be useable even with 75% debuffed towers when defended. Enten could potentially be a viable dragon if it had another attack spell. That is what sorcerers are supposed to do, they’re supposed to attack with their spells, not their breath. Swap out Gaia’s guard (why is this a 2 rage spell?) for an attack spell and he might actually workout

Gaia’s Guard is also a bad spell. 2 rage for only a 50% damage reduction and it can be canceled by ice flaks.

After such a problematic fall season I would have liked to see all the stops being pulled out to make winter exciting and fun. Instead we’re starting it with fight pits which we’ve repeatedly asked for years not to ever have during discount weeks and we’re getting some very not exciting mythics. Pocket Gems needs to step up their game before even more teams disband and players lose interest and leave.


I think pg forgetting about warrior design and spellintent two red spells with long cooldown and no dodge system,it is legendary or mythic ?

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Warrior with no white shield spell is useless.

We already had super weak warrior last season.

@DragonPunch consider this please

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Hmmm warrior has a cloak which is red and doesnt get deactivated by anything :thinking: I thought people liked krygant variants . Funny cause the warrior is a pretty solid one , If I were to be around this season I’d definitely take warrior over hunter and I’m a sucker for hunters .


I think most aren’t realising the red won’t be cancelled. Just a guess.


Can you add when the cooldown of each spell starts at the spell descriptions?

After cast / after duration

After duration.

However, the duration of Garmir’s Frostwolf Howl and Enten’s Cataclysm seems to be the freeze duration.
I think the spell duration is 0.1s or so.

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It’s sad to see people putting negative thoughts on the season before it’s even started. Sure fights pits at the start isn’t ideal but that doesn’t automatically make the upcoming season terrible. The dragon artwork is amazing and so are the portraits, well done to the art team!


Being upset over the season name is pretty absurd, it clearly isnt named after a team but rather the dreaded frost. Dreadnought doesnt own the patent on the word “dread”

I do think these dragons are less than impressive on paper. Maybe they’ll surprise us but I think many of us have played this game long enough to realize how that sorcerer and warrior will function. The one up for debate really is the hunter. Unless there are any surprises involving cooldowns and durations. I think for non-hunter flyers this is going to be another choice of which sucks the least and waiting a while for reviews to confirm what they already knew.

The portrait art is nice but the dragons are all pretty ugly I was at least hoping Enten was the warrior as his is probably the best body design imo. I also just cannot get over them starting another season with Fight Pits after we gave them feedback about it at the start of the Fall season. This just tells me that our feedback is mostly being ignored because they know how people feel about the FP prizes.


How do you think the warrior works ? I am really curious to know your answer .

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Being upset over the season name is ridiculous. PG (I don’t believe) doesn’t pay attention to or gets involved in player-imposed politics. Turning in your hat because you see the word “dread,” a team which has retired, says more about you than it does the season.

Good luck and bless your heart. May you find strength in the future.


Can anyone help me understand this?

  • SECOND WIND - Active | White | 2 Rage
    Gains a shield for (50)% of dragon’s modified HP and (250)% bonus attack for (7) seconds. After the effect end, dragon receive (10)% of dragon’s modified HP as damage. Duration: 5s, Cooldown: 4s.

What duration is 5s? Is that the shield? Because the damage boost lasts 7s.


I like the artwork and concept of Mogorot, but I am having a hard seeing how the dragon works.

+300% breath isn’t that strong. Amaruhk has the same and struggles against defenders. Plus, Amaruhk has 18% HP damage from AOE. Needs higher boost, or maybe 10% AOE damage when you first cast it. Needs some chance against defenders and needs to be better than previous lineage dragon!

Also, freeze spell sucks. 3% damage you will hardly notice. 1 sec duration too short, except maybe to counter mage ss. But then, it’s red, so won’t work against red mage ss!! ??

What gives? Don’t understand how this is a mythic.


Should be NO red spells on a mythic dragon I spend 20 keys on PERIOD! The warrior is a joke and that combined with Pits/Breed start makes me down vote the season.

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I highly doubt that the warrior RED shield to not be canceled by red mage SS

Need someone from pg to confirm this: @DragonPunch