Dreadfrost Season - Official Discussion Thread

They already did. Plus logically red mages only block damage, they don’t disable spells like blue mages. There’s no reason the cloak wouldn’t function normally with red mages present.

Side note: it’s really stupid to make a spell like this red just for aesthetics. All it does is confuse people.


Sure we need to fly the warrior first, but this is what the community is anticipating:

The issue is not Predators Instinct (cloak) being red… the issue is Roar of Sorrow (freeze) being red.

Here’s a Mythic with no one shot, and only one spell viable to clear both the shield and red mage towers before using second defensive (freeze) spell. No way that works long base, (2) red mages, 1D.

Fix 1:
Make the freeze white.
Fix 2:
The runes/glyphs should be applied to Predator’s Instinct duration, not Roar of Sorrow cooldown.


Agree 100%. There really is no need for any red spells on a mythic and it shouldn’t be a flying garbage can waiting to be melted by SS. Warriors by design should tank through bases not be surgical assassins like hunters, it would be great if they were all built with this in mind. Nock and Krygant are great examples. Heck I will give PG my 20 keys to get Nockmar up to Radiant, wish that were an option. Need to find a sweet spot between just a fancy legendary and OP mythic.


Because you all whined about it. Odds are it was going to be the opposite of one’s desired wish if you tell PG which events you prefer.

Now the season looks rather lacking from both the spell kits of each dragon and the sorcerer and warrior as well they just look so dull and it’s the spell kit that severally lacks in damage out put I like the concept that The warrior can now freeze towers but it looks rather poorly put together. Lockjaw was the last mythic I remember that had this and involved some skill to use. I’m pretty sure there are a few others but I feel like warriors should either be like Lockjaw or Krygant. Dragons all require skill hunters and Invokers require a lot more skill. What we need next will have to be upgrading sorcerers much further to.

It heals 10% of it’s health per second, doesn’t get much tankier than that really.


Doesn’t help if you can’t protect yourself from 100% getting creamed. Math doesn’t seem to even out.

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Needs increase damage output, DG or longer freeze and/or shield. 10% of 0 is still 0 if he’s dead.


I wish they would have put Sorcerer freeze spell on the warrior in place of the freeze it got.


All warrior flyers complain about hunters being so OP if that’s the case why not just use them :joy: ?
Warriors like Noc and Kry are unstoppable flowen right u can’t kill Kry no matter how good the base is if flown well.

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I like them both. Love Barbend even after the nerf, he is still my best dragon. I do think there are some that will always complain about everything, I just like to have good choices. Reyze wasn’t amazing (on my perch), wish I would have taken Aerrow but at least it was a decision that took some time to make. I think Duck said it best, just wish we had something to get excited for… this season seems to be missing that already, especially after the dud that this season was.

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:sweat_smile: I had thought the same at the beginning of that season, but I was proven wrong by some of the good Reyze fliers. So I ended up getting Reyze too even after I had claimed Aerow. :see_no_evil:

I enjoyed flying it. -It’s now on one of the perches, of course, but I think it was, in fact, amazing. I was merely flying it wrong when I thought it wasn’t a good dragon.

I was able to fly Reyze before I could actually claim it because a few of my family members are p2w and can have any of the mythics on day 1.


I still think Reyze is a terrible warrior even if you say he’s good.

Is Mako your alt account? :thinking:

We shall never voice our opinions as players of the game ever again. Rip forums.



Add to this the frustration in PvP.

This looks like the perfect season to save everything and hope there will be a better one in the future. … mmmm Maybe? :sweat_smile:

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I never expected the warrior to be such a hot topic , he’s definitely the star of the season . But I am enjoying this thread :see_no_evil:


Reyze was very good.

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I have no idea who Mako is.

Then why was footage so limited?

If everyone 100% go for hunters why there are still warriors and sorcerers in the game. PG please remove them completely.