Dreadfrost Seasons Leaderboard

Many of you endure endless battles just to leave your mark on the Dreadfrost Season Leaderboard! Your hard fought battles with the Dreadfrost dragons shall be fairly recognized.

Below are the details for the prizes for the Dreadfrost Season!

Zephyr Reskin

Mogorot Reskin

Enten Reskin





I thought there werent going to be any portraits :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

No portrait for the leaderboard divisions

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No, I’d asked about global leaderboards and he’d said no portraits this time

But when he talks about it being launched in the middle of the season, it seems like he’s talking about the new leaderboard divisions. I think signals just got crossed

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Think that was a misunderstanding of the question you asked.

I read the response as for division leaderboards (which I personally believe should remain without portraits).

Well I did reply saying global leaderboards and dragon skins :woman_shrugging: :man_shrugging: :person_shrugging:
It would be odd to think I was talking about divisions for dragon skins

Thanks for releasing these after its already over…
Would’ve been nice to know what we were fighting for, but oh well! :roll_eyes:


Is this were I complain about another female framed portrait? :rofl:

… no seriously. :wink: All 8 have been female, with only Anik being debatable.