DreadFrost - Week 1 - Fight Pits

I have returned! I apologize for last week’s absence; I was unable to log in to my forum account because it requested my email and password, which I had forgotten, but I just got it changed, saved the new information, and things are fully functional once again. I had a friend post last week’s event update thread, which you can find here, formatted by Yours Truly (from outside of the forums), as per usual. In the meantime, if you have not been caught up, you can find all essential DreadFrost information here. Thank you for your patience. Here is your update for this week:

Credit, News, & Questions


  • Credit for this poster goes to FishKA13 of the Creators Faction.


  • As usual, the season will start off with -50% discounts, the Leaderboard Prize Branch, and the Key Redemption Branch. All of these things should appear alongside this event.


  • Person 1 says that life is like a game, because you overcome many obstacles until you reach an end. (And if the obstacles overtake you rather than the other way around, it’s “game over”.) Person 2 says that life is like a movie or a play, because you put on an act for the world (whether authentic or fraudulent) from which nobody can really tell whether or not they’re seeing the full character because they’re only seeing parts of the character’s life. Who do you agree with more, and why? If you agree with neither, and you have your own theory, feel free to present it as your answer instead.

  • Have you ever had your life saved before?


Neither because you will eventually learn to overcome the hardships and not always it’s game over because you will have your family, friends to help you with you. If not a stranger will come in life like a angel to help you. But if it’s your time to kick the bucket can’t help it. Go with happiness that everyone should remember than regrets.

Person 2 … These are case specific or scenario specific… You cannot always be gloomy in life. If you don’t allow anyone in your life, let it be friends or family then what’s the purpose of living a shit lone life for whose sake ?

Help each other, be happy and die happy. When u die nothing will be taken over except your memories wandering in your friends and family…

Doing good in the world has always blessed me with good people around me who saved me many times. Strangers, friends and family. It will be repaid someday… but it’s not or will be in your control to whom u help.


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Sorry, had to.

If Life is like a game, this game sucks… good graphics though but weak story and full of glitches.
Life is like an endless escalator that sometimes starts moving backwards, sometimes breaks down and stops and sometimes moves in the right direction that you want to go. We’re all trying to keep ours moving but some just get carried along without any problems while others are constantly breaking or going in reverse as they try to climb back up.

Not by somebody but I mentioned it in a previous topic that I was in a car wreck driving home one winter. My car slammed into a dividing wall on the expressway and it spun me across 4 lanes of traffic onto the opposite shoulder. There were semi trucks ahead of me and far enough back that I made it across without getting hit but if they’d been a bit closer or my car hadnt made it all the way over to the other side they’d have hit me and possibly killed me.

Even though we knew this week would be Fight Pits it’s still really revolting. They could have changed the event if they’d actually wanted to, they’ve done it before. Such a terrible way to start off a new season after this current one was so disappointing

I would like to know if the Volt line is actually coming out week 1 or not because this doesnt follow the usual sequence for tower lines



I keep my uncles’ account info for the exact same reasons.

Whenever they change their phone, they ask me for their account info. :see_no_evil:

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Of course Volt is in 1st 2 weeks because it’s the best line. In order to get that and discounts done you will need to have almost 80k sigils. No waiting to earn them until week 6 to get the 20% bonus. It’s just another way for PG to get people to spend.
Weeks 1 and 2 have lowest sigil payouts, only good line also in same week as discount. No reason to have this here, should at least be at Week 4 with fort but then people could save up. It’s a money play plain and simple.
Looks like a season of LTP minimums and saving is the way to go unless someone shows me those mythics are better than they look on paper.
Might be a nice break for the holidays…

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I personally like early volt lines releases but this would be the first time it was released outside of a fort event. But Im also not very interested in any of these mythics at first looks so even when I have 20 keys early I’ll be sitting on them until someone can prove that the warrior or sorcerer arent giant wastes of time and rss.

I miss the days when the mythics were obviously good from the start and we couldnt wait to get them. I want something to be excited about again, I want some fun pumped back into the game.


I’ll be fine with pits and breeding being the first two events in any season as long as PG brings back that 12k sigil pack at $99, and hopefully for the entire season this time. :joy:

I can confirm mine is now working too, but screw Fight Pits. I have seen it for way to long especially in a sequence.

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Question 1:

It depends. There are aspects that are game-like. There are aspects that are theatre like, although I think that gives too much connotation to being fake and I don’t care for fake people.

Not in any dramatic way. But Green Day…them’s my dudes. Someday I wish I could meet them and thank them, but it’s doubtful that’ll ever happen. Music in general has helped me a lot but that band has a special place for me.

There was also that time when I was little and I decided to see how long I could sit on the bottom of a lake and apparently stayed too long just chilling at the lake floor watching the fishies swim by and my mom came swimming down to get me. At the right time, too, because when I got right close to the surface I started trying to breathe water.

And when some adult strangers called my mom to ask if they could take 6 year old me to a “movie” with just them and she said no.

There was also a time a couple years ago that I got a phone call from someone who just wanted to check in and it happened to be at a time I really needed it most. They just got a feeling and called.

Like I said nothing movie-worthy dramatic, but I’d wager that most people have had their lives saved in more inconspicuous ways than not. One thing I’ve learned though is to trust that gut feeling you get.

That answer meandered but welcome to my brain.

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Life is like a box of chocolates. You’ve been eaten.


That’s not how the quote goes :joy::joy::joy:

But PG just decided to eat our opinions alive.

:pensive: No new prizing structure and I am presuming no new points structure. :persevere: So excited for FP :sleeping::sleeping::sleeping:


I’m just glad I had enough of chest savings to cover two discount branches to not be bothered by the Pits much at all


Honestly, PG needs to remove the treasure hunt phase or increase the chest drop rate, because it’s unrewarding and just wastes the time you have for the event. Both breeding and fort start straightaway, why not pvp?


Pvps are long enough as they are, we dont need them to be even longer. Treasure hunt is time to get ready for it, form a team strategy, open chests, whatever. Yes they need to actually do something with treasure hunt to make it worthwhile. They had repeatedly talked about doing that, that it would be easy to do and then never did anything. That was one thing I did agree with Malik on that he kept bringing up and PG ignored.

On the topic of FP, I wonder if we can at least throw out raids this time or if they ignored us about that also. Would also be good to know if inner fires will add to the raid values we give or not this time.


I thought they commented and said they were making changes to this :frowning: I guess they meant for next time? Or was it all just a lie

As for treasure hunt… they definitely could make it more enticing. Something worth while rather than just monotonously hitting bases and hoping to collect a couple chests

It like many other things is just old stuff that’s never been looked at since the chest drops were changed.

I quite like making the event longer as that means more resets.

Or just make the events four days and start the atlas grind up again or don’t put shields up at all for the first day. As it is I gust don’t really log in during treasure hunt same with fight pits neither or them are worth the time.

The real bottom line is I exchange my time for fun these are not fun so are worthless. I am looking for fun. When I work I am exchanging my time for currency if I am not getting that I am also wasting my time. This is the basic question of the game is it worth the time or should I do something else with my time to get what I am getting from the game?


What is the optimum resources/points/prizes point in Pits?

EDIT: Optimum sigils per point is hit at 180 points. Just stop there

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Lol is it worth going from 30 to 44k for like 400sigils


88k for like 500 more


140k for another 750 like who thought this crap up.

Really needs a bit of love

The numbers are really much a muchness but the rss needed to make these jumps are a real poor return.

Almost like the evergrand business model as far as value to investors go


Quick question does this Pit event still have the Ultra coin? Odds are I’m thinking yes because of the event layout yesterday.