DreadFrost - Week 1 - Fight Pits

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Oh … maybe I should learn to read the info button :joy::joy::joy:

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Looks like they didnt listen to any of our suggestions from last FP. We really need to be able to throw out low point raids. Raids should be 2 energy and it should be 10 per round, not per day.


Who thought 104 point raids were really a thing…

Does the back of the company toilet door have instructions on how to use the paper.

What makes you think they ever listened?

At least they left in the high point raids. Normal runs + IF = big point raids


12 times this lifetime I’ve been carried thru death’s door by unseen hands. Many in full view of doctors, lawyers, military leaders and heads of state. Even decades later I ask if they recall screaming as they watched me go up in a ball of flame, at core an explosion, head on collision, shot through head and heart close range, only to have me walk up from behind and ask them to stop… or as a child when was still fun gleefully beg to do it again! Then and again to witness the reset - their pupils dot out like on old TV sets… then decades later so astute professionals accept it as I do … life is life!


I am surprised but also respecting of how you managed to have near death experiences and survived them that many times. Also a little baffled

Thank y’all u FishKa13! I appreciate … we appreciate the effort and art work! But what bothers me is “Flames of Battle” Quest to Earn 25 flames from attacks - no matter how many flames earned nor how many times Quest is completed next time login it is undone !!! This went on all last Season and continues today … Support Tickets get closed without resolution! If I complain I only get blocked from Support and Forums for months on end!

Are you claiming your quest prizes, too? The quest automatically forfeits if you fail to claim your prize before time runs out. Make sure you’re doing that after the fact.

I’ve actually had a handful of players on my team experiencing the same problem and have been all last season too. It’s been happening enough to enough people that it started preventing us from getting tenth quest chest at times.

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Next week🥳


Assault is good

It allows me to level the invoker and use it as I go through. I do like this being early…nice


Yes Assault.

Gah unfortunate week bc I’m busy but yeah early Assault is nice

Nice to see early assault. Doesnt really make up for the poor first pvp choice but it’s nice to see. I wonder if it will be extended to another tier again. I cant remember, did last time stop at Arcanum or Artisan?


Can we get another assault tier Pg?

I think they don’t read this topic )

Some have replied to these before, and DragonPunch liked my previous topic (most likely because an issue was resolved that I had raised to support and he became aware of).

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Assualt? Maybe this season doesn’t have such a bad start after all :eyes:. Compensation for pits and breeding :joy: (which have low sigils payouts compared to other events)