DreadFrost - Week 10 - Breeding

Credit, News, & Questions


  • Credit for this poster goes to FishKA13 of the Creators Faction.


  • The Festive Dragon, Re’Gyn will be released alongside this event.
  • The Wrath tier will be released alongside this event for endgame players.


  • What is your take on the concepts of perfection and imperfection? Does one exist within the other? Which one is more prevalent? How do they coexist?
  • Which dragon will you be breeding this event, if any?

My answers:

  • The concepts of perfection and imperfection have been waging a bloody war that has scarred humanity and the ethos since the beginning of time. But the verdict has been in since the war even started: perfection and imperfection are closer than we think.

While it may be true that in the movie of life, perfection is the star of the show—the ventriloquist of its audience—and imperfection is merely beyond the fourth wall, their affects overlap. Everywhere you see them, there is a degree of perfection in imperfection and a degree of imperfection in perfection. When you strive to be perfect, you strive to be imperfect, and vice versa, so this means we can only ever be imperfect… or and perfect.

Suppose you’re parched as you walk into a hut during a long trek in the desert, and you find a glass nearby with no other option to resort to. The glass is full of water to the midpoint and complete with air, or the other way around, and when you drink that glass, you’re drinking both perfection and imperfection. After mulling your options, you decide to drink it out of desperation, and in doing so, you’re embracing both concepts as embodiments of yourself. You are perfectly imperfect, just like the quality of the water when paired with how thirsty you were just seconds ago.

Perfection is the quality of having everything in order and good form; imperfection is the opposite of that. But there’s a catch. If imperfection is designed to be the opposite of perfection, and that criterion is met in a certain concept, then we can only state it as perfect since by that criterion, everything would be in order and good form… disorder would be the new order, and bad form would prevail over good form. The synopsis: all barriers would be broken, society would crumble, and evil would win. :woman_supervillain:t5::boom: — But what evil wouldn’t know is that good would also win; it’d just be waiting in ambush for the right time to extinguish the wrath of evil, bringing forth the perfection that we never really lost under the reign of evil.

Perfection and imperfection mirror each other, so they are essentially the same. I have an unfinished drawing to represent this mirroring concept:

It’s intended to be two rectangular shapes looked at through a side perspective; the endpoint on the drawing, also known as the “vanishing point”, is where a real-life figure would stand to look at these shapes from the perspective that the drawing shows them in with their own eyes. I know the linework probably looks confusing, and it can be. To prevent straying further away from the topic, I recommend looking into a style of drawing known as “perspective drawing” if you enjoy the arts; the technique used above is actually one technique within that style, called “mirroring”. I’m still a beginner in that particular field, but I’ve mastered the basics and my skill will grow, which is what every artist’s goal should be.

To better understand the drawing, try not to look at it as two rectangular shapes with slanted sides; look at it as two rectangular shapes from the perspective of the position of the lines (the vanishing point). The drawing represents perfection when confronted by imperfection. Perfection at one angle has an impact on imperfection at another. But if you were standing where those lines intersect, it’s likely you’d miss the back shape; sometimes perfection can eclipse imperfection, and vice versa, but they both exist in all places, at all times. Every miracle constitutes a curse, and every curse constitutes a miracle; every paragon represents a travesty, and every travesty represents a paragon.

Perfection is imperfection, and imperfection is perfection. When people say that they don’t want to be perfect, they’re really saying they want to be perfect by suggesting they want to be imperfect; this is supported by the principle that nobody is perfect, so imperfection becomes the societal norm, thus making everybody perfect.

  • I will be breeding Kechuri, my second Monarch dragon.

Has PG announced the token cost for the new line? I saw someone mentioned 475k tokens, but don’t know if it’s just speculation.

700k per dragon… :eyes:


Back breeding instead of focusing on the new tier despite it being essential.

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Damn it K this is why we can’t have nice things. :frowning:

The festive is gonna be OP , does anyone have a figure on how many eggs per 100 draconic chests

You can get a copy of this sheet and fill in how many of which chests you want to open during which event and it will tell you how much rss you get on average.

100 draconics should give you between 87k and 102k, depending how fast you get all available festive frags maxed



Because it’s actually important as breeding normal dragons.

with the crazy in game inflation that PG refuses to fix cause they care more about their wallet than a happy player base, 700K feels about right

I’m in no rush for the new tier, so I’ll continue research for now and upgrade my incubator and castle on my next fort.


But what if research is even cheaper with newer tier after this one and you could save a ton by waiting lol.

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Only hope Emerald - Vanguard is because that’s at least the range I want to research into next season but the problem is getting Mountos with these and odds are I might only be able to get at least 400

Well here is to hoping you can get all you need and some extra!

Cost of new tier :eyes:


It would if I wasn’t so far behind in my research​:face_with_peeking_eye::face_with_peeking_eye:… Just entering obsidian now

Ya that is a tough call. I don’t know which tier to stop at and wait for more discounts since research can add up fast!

I’m just waiting for the event to drop which is in like 16 - 17 hours.

This is what I’m seeing. Why is everyone talking about 700k?

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Don’t know :eyes:don’t listen all) only me)