DreadFrost - Week 11 - Team Gauntlet (+ Limited Time Branch)


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  • Credit for this poster goes to MiinaNiina of the Creators Faction.


  • There is nothing to report until next week.


  • How many chances can you, the reader of this question, give someone before you realize you have to let them go?
  • How many chances can you, the reader of this question, give yourself to fulfill a task before you realize it’s bigger than you? If your chances are infinite, what advice do you have for people who are low on determination/perseverance?
  • Have you or would you ever donate to a charity (i.e. a charity for children in need, a charity for a population of wild or domesticated animals, a fundraiser for a local community or property facing damage inflicted by inclement weather, etc.)?

I have question what mythical to take :crazy_face::joy::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:


Yay Guantlet, the one fun PvP we have. Shame we have almost no actual viable dragons to use on the PvP islands at end tier.

Unforunately too many. I tend to let people get away with too much and take too much from me before finally cutting them loose. I ended up finally cutting out my entire mother’s side of the family after they treated my sister, father and myself like crap for years after my mom passed. Looking back now I should have done is years earlier.
Life is too short to keep toxic people around you and you do not owe them to suffer and take it.

Completely depends on the situation and how obvious it is that it’s just not going to work. I’ll keep trying, I may get mad and swear a lot about it but I’ll often be too damn stubborn to not see it finished. But if it is 100% obvious this beyond me then Im not ashamed to admit defeat.

I have donated yes and I do believe in giving to charities but they need to be the right ones. You need to do your research because a lot of charities use most of that money to pay salaries rather than the cause. Others support very unethical things/beliefs. LIke I will absolutely never donate to the Salvation Army

I also do not do those “give a dollar to feed hungry children” things when checking out at the store because from what I’ve read all of that money goes towards salaries


It depends on who they are and the established trust that we have. Some people I give too many.

It depends on what it is and how passionate I am about it.

Yes I have.

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Number of chances depends on a few factors. One being time invested. Someone you have known for a long time might get more chances than say someone you have known a year. Family that oftentimes you must interact with may also get more chances. Once the cost reward becomes too much you write them off.

I also don’t believe everything had to be permanent. I stopped talking to my entire family for a stretch. They eventually changed enough to the point I no longer considered them toxic.

I am a firm believer that everything happens for a reason and things will happen in their own time. It was that way for college both undergrad and grad school) I forced it many times and it turned out horribly. When I was ready it became so much easier.

I donate more to local charities. There are plenty of things within my community that need help. No point in sending my money out to big charities where a vast majority of ends up keeping the machine running.


Any QoL updates to this event PG? @PGAlgodon @DragonPunch

It would be nice but we also know the answer already. We were told there were updates planned for January to updated prizes and have ignored all follow-up questions about it (and nearly every other question asked in the last several months)

It would be really nice though if they actually listened to all the feedback we’ve been giving for years and improved or just removed the chain island cooldowns in this event so teammates didnt have to fight with each other for points. We’ve seen that they could do it in the past so it shouldnt be difficult for them to do it again


You’re assuming there is anyone left to hear or, if there is anyone to hear, anyone who can do anything about it


This is SOOOOOOO easy to do and there is NO downside. A team should not be fighting itself!
@PGAlgodon @DragonPunch


this isn’t going to happen … ever … it’s how they manipulate and force us into buying packs.

i literally have no faith in PG to ever adjust the economy to be balanced.

Any stats for the Exotic Lightning HP glyph? Can’t find the info anywhere…

I don’t know because I won’t take it, but I’m kinda sure it’s like the one they released in past seasons


Is it worth it???

No I don’t think so.

Ss is really a lightnings primary stat.

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Lightnings will probably start becoming a thing of the past if we can finally merge volts next season. Unless they release a consumable volt resist volts are just better all around except for the lack of striker runes

There’s not much reason to waste the sigils boosting them unless it’s for their ss

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That’s another reason I didn’t quickly go for this one.

Does anyone know what base level to reach towers level 157 ?

We don’t yet know, but I’m assuming it will be 616 as we only needed 1 more player level to have our tower level cap raised by 1 since player level 611 (= tower level 152).

Unless PG wants to go back to the older one where we’d need 2~4 player levels to have our tower level cap raised.

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