DreadFrost - Week 12 - Fortification (+ Trading Post)

Credit, News, & Questions


  • Credit for this poster goes to FishKA13 of the War Dragons community.


  • Super Sigil Chests will appear this week for their first seasonal event.
  • Tower levels 156 and 157 will be released alongside this event for endgame players.


  • Which level will you be going to this event?

My answer:

  • I hope to strive from level 580 to level 590 at minimum and level 600 at maximum.

  • What is the meaning and/or purpose of love? Can love teach lessons, even to those who are not actively in love?
  • What do you think about gender roles in a relationship, and what are your takes on society using them to police what an individual should be doing within the bounds of their relationship, and using them to determine whether or not they’re good people?
  • Why are homosexual relationships and marriages looked down upon so often?
  • Is there a celebrity couple you respect? Do you respect them as individuals or do you look up to them as a “power couple”?
  • Do you think people mix up the difference between romantic and sexual attractions?
  • Can you have an attraction while being against attraction, knowing for sure that you are against attraction (aromantic/asexual) and not “experimenting”?
  • I (me, Jalen) often say that emotions can make you weak or slow you down because they’re gateway traits that others can use to exploit/control you, or that can distract you from your destination all on their own. Supposing you agree with this theory, can love as an emotion be risky for those who are not careful?
  • William Shakespeare, one of English’s greatest contributors and one of the most eminent writers of all time, coined the phrase, “star-crossed lovers” to describe the tragedy of Romeo and Juliet’s relationship as they navigated through the pitfalls that they were fated against. They both died. Based on this depiction, have you seen the problems in the relationship between a pair of “star-crossed lovers” that the lovers themselves were unable or uncaring to see?
  • Is love a stronger emotion than anger or depression (an extension of sadness)? Is love a more beautiful emotion than happiness? Is love as destructive as excitement can often be?
  • Do you have any takes of the possibility of love opening up opportunities for discrimination toward sexuality, disability, race, etc.? Do you see or hear about this happening more inside or outside of relationships?
  • What do you love most about yourself?
  • Do you have any pets that you love? (Feel free to share pictures with the community, but only if you feel comfortable doing so.)
  • Do you feel similarly about love in animals as you do about love in humans? What do you think are things that are similar and different between animal love and human love?
  • Is it better to love yourself or to love someone else? When does it become too much to depend on another in ANY sort of connection?
  • How do you reasonably and effectively balance the love you have for yourself with the love you have for others? When is it best to choose yourself over someone else?
  • Have you ever played Cupid? (i.e. have you ever hooked two people up, whether intentionally or unintentionally, to be in a relationship?)
  • Do you think Valentine’s Day is worth the hype it’s given, or is it overhyped?
  • Assuming you don’t already do it yourself, should Valentine’s Day be acknowledged in a broader scope (i.e. not only in terms of partnership, but also in terms of friendship, kinship/family bonding, love of pets, etc.)? Should it be acknowledged at all?


Any news yet for what level you need to be for new tower levels?

That might be a question for CF memebers or PG themselves. But sadly CF is at PGs mercy when it comes to getting info. So for now we can only sit and twittle our thumbs :sweat_smile:

Don’t forget Super Sigils will be available…


Last three tower levels only required 1 base lvl increase each … so 156 (615) and 157 (616)? But that’s just a guess.

I’m also guessing must breed 1 new tier bird as well?

Hopefully this post won’t be pricey but know PG it will and end up screwing up my plans for the spell rider and Draconic chests.

How tf am I supposed to answer all those questions


If you really don’t have anything nice to say just don’t say it!
Got it? Thanks!

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I was trying to be funny dude but I guess people take everything too serious ironically. Also some people need to do this in Atlas threads anyways even if it is off topic.

I thought you don’t do jokes and sarcasms.


On-topic: I’m probably going to max my towers, and maybe start building some more LTs and/or upgrading low level archmages a little higher.


Welp I just grew a back bone :wink: on topic I’ll try and aim for baby / legendary radiant towers I don’t think I’m high enough level but if I figure out the cap I’ll just be upgrading the back and voltage towers again.

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doesn’t matter to me anymore bs im at end tier. i will stop at 9m


11 m if possible right next to the last mark and the max Ruby cap

oh yaah 11m i totally forgot that

Technically the prize is 9.5m points so that’s where you should stop


@PGTimber @DragonPunch will we be getting a Dungeons mini event with this fortification? We haven’t had Dungeons yet this season and it’d make sense to run it during the last minor event of the season :pray::pray::pray:


Unfortunately no. But we do plan on having it ran twice in the Spring season.


Thank god but now I have to promise to scream/ howl now :sweat_smile:

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:see_no_evil::see_no_evil::see_no_evil::see_no_evil: 2 Dungeons .
Pls! No :see_no_evil:

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