DreadFrost - Week 13 - Crystal Caves (+ Trading Post + Limited Time Branch)

Good evening, Dragon Lords! I regret to inform you that I will be stepping down as your honorary informant, dropping out of the forums (and likely the game), and taking a brief hiatus at the culmination of the ongoing season (aka, at the end of the upcoming event, the one being announced). My personal life has gotten very demanding, and I’ve tried my absolute best to keep up in both fields, but I’ve come to realize that it isn’t sustainable, and that I have no other option but to concede defeat and throw in the towel.

If you see any trace of me anywhere in the game from here onward, know that what I’m declaring here isn’t an official departure, is entirely based on time constraints, and you would have likely caught me at a point when I had extra time for more trivial activities (such as this game), and therefore you should not strike me down for blatant hypocrisy and treason. :laughing:

It’s hard to determine whether or not I’ll have to extend this hiatus, or if I’ll even be back, but this is my decision for the next few months; I’m mostly just calling it a “break” as a cushion in the event that I do end up returning. Currently, it’s gotten to the point where I went from being one of the more average achievers in my team to being one of the more noteworthy underachievers, and being perhaps one of the only few players left who still harbors some sort of passion for this game, my general activity has taken a sharp decline.

As far as weekly event briefing goes, I will probably pick back up on the event update threads once I’m ready to return, but for now, I would be thrilled if anyone else would take over. I’m not going to make this a “formal” process; just if you’d be willing to take up the gauntlet, you’re invited to step up and claim your role as the new weekly informant, in the same way that I claimed the role from CzarCastic1 so many seasons ago.

If you ever find yourself needing my assistance or company, you can still contact me via LINE; once you’ve accessed the app, my ID is “jalen04”.

With hope and high spirits, I look forward to seeing and interacting with you all again soon!

Your noble dragoneer and upstanding comrade,

Credit, News, & Questions


  • Credit for this poster goes to FishKA13 of the War Dragons community.


  • Super Sigil Chests will be available for their second seasonal week this event.


  • Are you a forgiving person? More specifically, how would you feel if any of your loved ones were involved in a fatality in which the assault was accidental?
  • Should the justice system be more forgiving toward people with disabilities if the crime was shown to be associated with a symptom of their disability?
  • Are you a realist or a fantasist? Do you prefer to face reality or drown it out in fantasy?
  • In most fictional works (movies, books, etc.), time travel is often described as something that could be dangerous if the traveler changes anything in the past, because it would gravely affect the future, which would be the traveler’s present. What do you think this says about how the past in the real world affects our present?

strikes Jalen anyway, just because spanking Jalen is very enjoyable.

No; they’d either be erased off or detained in a mental house in a foreign country.
No; legal system has to be applied the same for everyone except myself and the people I care about. They get unlimited jail-free card. :smirk:.
I hope for the best, but prep for the worst. So I’m a realist, but also a fantasist-wannabe, maybe?
I really don’t care about the consequence as long as I and the people I care about are going to remain on the bright side of the consequence of time paradox. Everyone else be damned. :joy:

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I tell you what I tell others who think of leaving for real life demands. Don’t drop the game - find a Plat team with no expectations. You can still do a lot with daily check-ins of a few minutes (and I find playing a little is actually stress relieving). Playing enough to keep the rubies and chests coming during events will allow you to save a bit and not backslide so much. In the event you come back at some point, you’ll appreciate it.


Thank you jalen for everything youve done for us in the forums. From updating us on the next event to some thought invoking questions.
I wish you the best in life, and hopefully it calms down for you a bit. Life should always come before any game. But the forums will now be a little quieter every monday without your posts.

Im sure theres a plat team that would love to have you if you wish you follow Fozzies advice


Since this might be your last time asking these fun question(s), at least for awhile, will do my best to answer them all. And thank you for doing them all this time.

  1. Yes I am a forgiving person. If the accident was accidental - would be hard pressed to blame the person which hurt your loved one. If truly an accident, they are also a victim of circumstance as well.
  2. Justice system is more forgiving to people with disabilities - at least in the United States. We have “Insanity Defense”, “Diminished Capacity Defense”, “Justification Defense” or “Necessity Defense”, “Self Defense”, and a defendant has a right to mount a defense and therefore must be competent to stand trial - and at sentencing the defense can produce mitigating evidence to the court. The disability can be physical, mental, and/or monetary in nature. But yes, the justice system should be more forgiving to a disability.
    A few examples from working as a defense attorney and prosecutor:
    A. Defendant had severe dimentia due to Alzheimer’s when they killed a person they thought was trying to kill them. Not only did they not have the requisite mens rea to commit the crime - but - couldn’t aid in their own defense or take a plea agreement.
    B. Defendant went to a dance club and had non-alcoholic drinks because she was the designated driver for her friends. Unbeknownst to her someone put drugs into one of her drinks and while driving home they kicked in and she hit another car head-on, resulting in the deaths of her front passenger and the driver of the other car.
    C. An elderly man who is paralyzed from the waste down was in his wheelchair when 4 young men started to harass him (grab his wheel chair and push him around). He finally got scared and shot two of the young men killing them.
    D. A person driving in the snow lost control of their car which hit a tree and wouldn’t start. They couldn’t get cell service so decided to break into a cabin for warmth and see if their was a landline phone to call for help.
    E. Can’t tell you how many times this happened. A young mother shoplifts from the grocery store to feed her baby.
  3. I am definitely a realist and prefer to face reality head-on. Would have been a pathetic scientist and now attorney if I didn’t.
  4. Time is like a music record in that all the songs exist at once but are played in a linear fashion as the needle moves from song to song. The needle (or time) moves in a forward direction thanks in part to entropy (entropic arrow). Not sure it is possible to go back in time - to do so would put the universe back to a greater amount of potential entropy - the amount of energy to do so would be astronomical. To go forward in time wouldn’t be a problem. Think of it as trying to swim upstream versus down.
    But past events are a “condition precedent” to the “here and now”. Just like the “here and now” are “condition precedent” for future events.

Yes and no . Why do I say this? Well its because im a classic woman and love crime podcasts. I listen to them all the time at work. Anyways what im getting at is there are a decent amount of killers that have no mental or physical disability, but when theyre in trail they plead insanity. Kenneth Bianchi is an example of this. He was was one of the Hillside Stranglers who killed and raped at least 15 women in 1977 and 1978. He originally tried to claim that he suffered from multiple personality disorder, but was caught in his lies when psychiatrist Martin Orne met with him.

What im trying to get at is… people fake disabilities when theyre in trails. If they are diagnosed with a disability BEFORE the crime, whatever disability it may be, then maybe the justice system should look at the person a little differently/ be more forgiving.
But if the person is diagnosed with a disability DURING their case…then maybe the justice system shouldnt look at them any differently then a person without a disability. Im only saying this because the defense tries everything they can to help their client look innocent, and sometimes that means slapping a disability label on their client during the trail even if their client doesnt have a disability.

And please if you have anything to say about my opinion kindly keep it to yourself. Im just answer the question asked with my honest opinion, as jumbled as it might come off to some

I think im a little bit of both. There are times that I dream/fantasize over something then my common sense kicks in a ruins the dream.
For example I more or less work at a Warehouse with things like forklifts. Well if a lift breaks down, I fantasize and go “oh thats gonna be fixed before I walk in tomorrow and we wont be down a lift.” And then my brain does a hot 180 and goes, “theres no way its getting fixed by night. Youll be lucky if someone even comes out to look at it before tomorrow morning.”

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Best of luck to you, Jalen. I’ll miss your event topics and questions.

It all depends on the situation and if malicious intent was involved.
I do tent to hold grudges and dwell on things for too long. There are a lot of people who shouldnt but do get to live in my head rent free for a long time.
Assault really isnt accidental, you choose to do it. The result however such as injury or even death may be accidental

After I lost my mother I think I became much less forgiving than I used to be. Now Im willing to cut people, even former family out of my life without much hesitation. In the past I would keep giving those same people chance after chance

It again depends but the circumstances do need to be factored in. That doesnt mean letting them off but instead getting them the help/care they need so that they themselves as well as others are safe. You cant just try to make an example out of people, every case is different because people are different.

Both but primarily a realist. I usually expect the worst, especially from people because often people dont care about others. If it works out then great but I dont expect miracles to happen nor do I really expect for sudden change to happen. If it does then fantastic but in reality is rearely does, at least not for the better.

That’s how I feel about this game and the direction it is going. While I might like the artwork for the dragons next season I have no actual hope that they will be improved over the junk we’ve been getting lately and any feedback we give is wasted because it will be ignored. Hell, we’ll be lucky if the dragons even function properly.

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I don’t think changing the past would have any impact on the present that I’m living in.

And here is for why.

Let’s do the classic.
[Notoriously evil historical figure who, apparently, I’m not even allowed to mention on these forums in case some snowflake gets triggered] was bad man. I will go back in time and kill “him” before he can do bad things.
But then, in my present, “aforementioned historical dictator” didn’t do bad things, because he was killed, so I have no need to go back and kill him, therefore he lived and did all the bad things.

If going back in time to change something creates an alternative timeline, that’s another matter, but again, it doesn’t change my timeline, but might impact the timeline of an alternative me.

Either way, going back in time and changing something actually changes nothing.

P.s. whoever flagged this is a fucking moron

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So very sorry to see you vanish Jalen all good wishes to you as we always say real life is the most important above any life spent in WD. From an old timer I wish you well and hope that we may see u back here one day or flying somewhere if not in the forums. All the best Topsy ps agree go fly somewhere where u can just chill and relax, I had to take a hiatus from the game a while back but crept back after a month or so because I missed the company and camaraderie even if the game sux big time and we don’t get heard as players. Just being with the peeps u enjoy being with is the best above the game any day that to me is what holds many teams together :upside_down_face:


So I have worked in the juvenile justice in my state for the past 10 years. I can say it’s very scary the direction things are heading. Mental health cases are not handled properly and violent criminals are getting so many chances they have a line of victims. It’s scary for sure.


Sorry to hear that this is your last for now you traitorous hypocrite. I’ve always enjoyed your questions.


“Defeat” ??? Hell NO! Never! Unfortunately the truly sad part about you leaving the game is that you were one of the only reasons the rest of us stuck it out this far. [Hasn’t been quite the same since Red left, came back, left again…] But without Jalenoptrics The Heart Soul and True Spirit of War Dragons we might as well shut down our Dragon Workshops (after clearing out the nifty medicine cabinet Dave or that other Dev installed a few days in - right the one with the invisible Spells I had to imagine at first not too sure what a they’d look like D’oh!”] no … sad to say but without you there just ain’t no game so wherever you’re up to you’re taking us with you (cause sure ain’t stricken around without ya’ - kinda too quietly spooky if ya know what I mean?)

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You get back what you give out. If you’re a terrible person, terrible energy will be returned; if you’re a good person, as am I, good energy is not a guarantee, but a likelihood. There are some people who others think deserve positive salutations, and some who others do not, but it’s mostly based on the morals surrounding the person who is announcing departure.

Please do not bash me for the love I have received on the basis of being a morally righteous person, just because others before me have not been received in the same way as myself. Your envy is showing exactly what I described above.

I could ask the same with regard to your reply, but for starters, flagging can be done by more than just PG developers: moderators and regular community members have the same action. They do also remove posts, but there are certain grounds they need to do it; if they remove negativity that is harmless (harmless negativity exists, even though it’s good to be positive), they would just be abusing their power, and they would surely be accused of such.

I personally think your post should be revoked, since you’re attacking the community for supporting me for all of the trouble I have never caused them (you’re also attacking my character), but I’m not going to complain about it.


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While you may have been intending to ask a philosophical question as to why some get love while others get “don’t let the door hit you on the way out”, posting it as you did seemed to imply Jalen didn’t deserve the positive feedback he has received.


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To answer the rest of your questions

I will forgive. But only once.
I’m not sure assault can be accidental can it?

If a relative genuinely accidentally killed someone I don’t think forgiveness is required. Example being, tyre blows out in car, causes car to swerve and hit/kill pedestrian.

Yes and no. Perhaps more leniant in sentencing, i.e. placed in a hospital rather than prison. But if they’ve killed because of a symptom of their disability they are perhaps more of a danger to society than someone who kills because they got pissed off once.


All the best in your real life @Jalen

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