DreadFrost - Week 2 - Breeding (+ Assault + Limited Time Branch)


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  • Credit for this poster goes to FishKA13 of the Creators Faction.


  • There is nothing to report until next week.


  • Can some things that sound stupid be justified by reason?
  • Which dragons, if any, will you be breeding this event?

My answers:

  • Every stupid-sounding concept has a well-founded reason, whether that’s the basis or the aftermath. The same sort of reverse effect can be established in well-founded concepts versus stupid-sounding reasons. Logic can only be made logical as a factor of illogic, because when logic exists on its own, we don’t know that it exists as logic, the same way we would never be able to discern someone as intellectual if everyone were equally intelligent.

One of the keys to justifying a preposterous concept as reasonable is to single out anything making it that way, and to attack it at its root, offering an objection that is morally agreeable and contrasts with the most obvious conclusion. Persuasion can be achieved whether concrete or abstract matters are presented in the argument.

Some things have no morally agreeable outcome whatsoever; therefore, they are not justifiable by any means. Other things have one or more morally agreeable outcome(s), so they are justifiable.

However, most concepts have a mixture of both morally agreeable and morally disagreeable outcomes; for example, if I say that on the road, we should not be required to yield to pedestrians because “those pedestrians should be watching for oncoming vehicles”, there is some slight validity in that reason, because they should be cautious when they’re so vulnerable, but the same logic doesn’t add up for everyone because some pedestrians could be blind. (I would certainly hope they would refuse to drive if they had impaired vision.) With those types of scenarios, you could typically base judgment on what you win and what you lose as a result of whichever, instead of leaning toward logic; for instance, a blind pedestrian could lose their life, but that’s no less likely than a pedestrian whose vision functions perfectly and just fails to pay adequate attention to surroundings; the fact that the cost is so high on one end provides the justification means for whether or not drivers should yield to pedestrians at all times, apart from the fact that it’s a law.

But frankly, anything can be presented as logical or reasonable; someone who is generally very poor and weak in logic/reasoning situations would submit to having poor and weak logic/reasoning be a basis for what is being represented, while someone with expertise in that field would know which cherries to pick from the tree.

It all comes down to how the individuals in question view the scenario, even though there is always at least one reasonable conclusion that supersedes all subjective opinion there is to present, even if not many are aware of such a thing. As far as we’re concerned, we all live in our own worlds, where our own logic conflicts with the logic holding reality together, although only one of the two really matters. The tension between multiple forms of logic, one of which is existentially superior to all others, is what makes some concepts sound dumber to most than to others of a certain mindset.

But just because something is objectively reasonable does not mean it’s morally justifiable, even though reason is all you really need to justify. That said, even though the result of any logic-based argument is the justification (which can be faulty or consistent), you cannot justify something that sounds stupid by reason, because in an ideal debate, you want to start at the premises and work your way up, and you want your premises to be reasonable; if you don’t start at the premises, or if you do and your premises are unreasonable, your conclusion will be weak, and since the conclusion is the justification in a dispute, you have no justification to fall back on for what seemed to be stupid. The same way a house requires strength in structure and material to be viable for those who live in it, justification requires firm and reasonable premises to protect from fraudulence once it’s time to determine whether or not justification standards have been met. Reason is the foundation; you can’t stop at the foundation (e.g. use it to form the view of the overall whole… e.g. justifying anything by reason) and say it’s the full effect.

  • Thanks to the results that my Draconic Chests yielded, I will be breeding Narmak (my final Artisan dragon) and maybe Ralen (my first Monarch dragon), depending on whatever circumstances may occur; I am hoping that Assault can help me knock both dragons out of the park.
  • sometimes yes
  • I have all the dragons bred, I need to catch up with research, which I have a complete problem with.

Narmak is beautiful ! I love this dragon and I am so sorry that I can no longer fly it!


Like sky diving? Cause to me, jumping out of a plane with only a parachute sounds stupid but i get how people find it interesting because their adrenaline junkies?

Or those really extreme haunted houses that you have to sign papers saying you wont sue if you get injured inside the building? Cause that to me sounds stupid as stupid gets but the reason people like them is because their bodies are being pushed off the ledge of fear but they dont have to worry about actual death.


There is the LTB this week plus new atlas season starts

well “reason” is rather subjective. Often when people do or say stupid things they try to make it sound reasonable or justified. Often it’s completely unreasonable but to said individual, it is so. Hell, look at things like racism and bigotry. Those crazy morons think the crap they spew is completely reasonable.

We literally just had a presidency in the US in which all of his supporters accepted the stupid things he and they themselves said and did while acting like it was all reasonable and still do

Just artisan and monarch research eggs for the next 2 breeding events. Still not sure if I want to evolve Ammak for the perch or put Cuadart on instead. It’ll all depend on how Maggot performs.


There is the Research Planner in the spreadsheet vault which lets you figure out how many eggs you need and how much they’re going to cost by simply selecting which research nodes you’ve done :eyes:

Breeding my second Artisan dragon (Washi) and my alt gets Harbinger and the first two Vanguards but cant hatch those yet

There are a lot of things that sound stupid that have been justified by even more stupid sounding stuff. So why not something that makes logical sense for once?


It’s not about the planner , it’s just that from about 1-400 lvl I did almost no research)
We did not know how to play properly. And the tops argued that the research is a pampering.
Leave the tokens only for the dragons :joy::joy::joy::see_no_evil:
That’s why I had some research from the green tire back in the summer :innocent::innocent::innocent::innocent:


In many cases “stupid” can be very subjective. Many current ideas were once deemed stupid.

I might finish amaruk sp? Monarch warrior and the rest will be research.

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I’ll hatch 2 monarchs. Depending on riders I’ll probably go with Kechuri and Zahhak/Ralen. Jaal and Nockmar are retiring. I love hunters but not sure if I want to deal with hunter marks at this point. Open to suggestions and Assault tips. I maxed the discount already but Pezizo is lvl 1, do I have a chance??

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I put the Limited Time Branch in the title, and I felt the new Atlas season was an irrelevant detail for this type of thread since not everyone who reads these has Atlas access. However, I would be more than glad to work something else out for that in the future. :slightly_smiling_face:

I was actually considering starting up a “This Week in Atlas” system involving all events for the week (with a “subject to change” disclaimer, or a disclaimer stating that it’s more of a speculative post than a definite one), but I would have to mentally get back on track with the Atlas event schedule. :sweat_smile: — I was thinking it could be either part of the first reply to the OP, or a separate section in the main post with a headline, like so:

This Week in Atlas

*insert miscellaneous content here*

But no, I have not shunned the Atlas release schedule. I just don’t want to mix it up with main-game information, especially for those who may not have access to Atlas.

Daegon and hopefully Medusys


Assault on w2? :astonished:

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Just doing some research but I‘m getting to the point in eldritch tier where the only way to progress is to do two nodes towards invoker hp. No way I‘m going to mess up my invoker‘s AP for assault though so I‘m basically stuck there until I either stop competing for leaderboards or pg changes the event :upside_down_face:

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Assault on the atlas opening week :cold_face::cold_face::cold_face:???



When does assault start? Is it at breeding start or later? I don’t remember.

Thursday noon pacific time I think

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  1. lol - yes. Happens all the time. Can’t tell you how many people justified starting/staying in a bad relationship using logic/reason. Lets call it - “but I love him reason principle”. And as an attorney - there are a lot of clients who justify committing crimes using logic/reason. Q. Why did you rob a bank? A. I needed the money more than they did. Q. Why did you think it was a good idea to sell drugs on a playground during school hours? A. I’m a great businessman who provides excellent customer service.
  2. O - been done with the 4 Radiant tiered dragons for the past few Breeds. Time for more research.
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Uh hate to burst your bubble but there is no Limited Time Branch :sweat_smile:

Also this is an odd thing I found the game is stuck in Darkmire limbo